Thursday, July 12, 2007

BTW... that was a 1944 Tula ex-sniper 91/30

that I was shooting today.
The rifle will shoot into an inch at 50 yards with old milsurp ammo, and is a pure joy to spend range time with.

Invariably it gets attention from other shooters. It's all in my plan.....

First I let them shoot it... then while they are Ooooing and Ahhhhing I tell them it only cost me $100 and the ammuntion is $40 a 'can' of 440 rounds. THEN they look at the targets down range and see this $100 battle rifle shooting twice as good as their Rmchesterby.

Instant hooked on Mil-Surps!

I refinished the laminate stock on this old Sniper with a hard oil finish. The tired shellac was falling off in sheets. It came out really nice to the touch and looks pretty good too.

I have another 91/30 that was also suffering shellac leprosy. I redid that one in shellac as original as I could get it. Shellac is actually very easy to work with and makes for a wonderful finish if care is taken. I have done another half dozen rifle stocks since, and all turned out really nice.

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