Monday, July 16, 2007

An Enfield #4MkII.... A nice one.

This one has been in the collection for years.

Refinished? Yup.....

By me. Purists may gag at this point, but it's MY rifle.

I took off the black grill paint
the metal had been dipped in, and found a beautiful parkerized finish. (Along with about a dozen markings never seen before).

The wood has been redone in a plain old fashioned hand rubbed oil. Many coats, over weeks of time. Then, rubbed out to a stain sheen with stock compound.

It's bore is perfect, and it shoots like a dream. 2" inch groups at 100 yards are not uncommon with decent hand loads.

All in all, a nice rifle that always attracts attention, just by it's good looks and classic lines.

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Kevin said...

Beautiful. I love the old Enfields. I have a No4 MK2 like that too - she was the very first rifle I ever bought, and she's still one of my favorites.