Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is your Mosin 91/30 an Ex-sniper?

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Wondering if your Mosin 91/30 might be an ex-sniper?

Wondering what an 'ex-sniper' Mosin is?

Wondering if I'm dumb as dog poop for even asking these questions?

Well.... I can help on a couple of these points.

Back when I first bought a few Mosin 91/30 rifles I posted a few pictures. It was quickly pointed out by the learned ones that I had an Ex-sniper on my hands.

How did they know, just based on a few pictures? Were they channeling a dead Soviet sniper lady from the battle of Stalingrad?

Nope, they just looked at the markings on the rifle. The CH on the receiver pointed the way, and the welded in plugs proved the truth.

During the patriotic war the soviets built a LOT of sniper rifles. I can't answer for the Soviets, but the Russians are not stupid and they knew every shot that hit an important target was better than ten thousand rounds hitting dirt.

For some reason the soviet
battle doctrine changed, or Druganov rifles were adopted, and many of these rifles were converted back into infantry weapons.The optics were removed and the mounting holes had plugs installed. These plugs were welded in and the welds ground off on the outside of the receiver.

My ex-sniper was chosen from a pile of a hundred on a dealers tables at a gun show. At the time I had no idea what an ex-sniper was, and chose based on bore and mechanical quality.

The rifle shoots pretty darn nicely for a $100 Com-bloc mil-surp.

I wonder how many people will read this, then trot off to the closet and
pull out their old Mosy? Gotta love it!


Kevin said...

I know that I'll have to check out my old 91/30 when I get home...

ExistingThing said...

Been meaning to pick up a Mosin for some time. Think I'm going to have to get one soon.

Who is..... Carteach0? said...

I used to think they were ugly.....

Now I think they have their own special rugged beauty, and certainly a historical value..

It's icing on the cake that mine are a joy to shoot as well. I'd buy another given the chance and the cash!

gustopf said...

i have a tula 1944 ex sniper, refurb but shes still a beauty, does yours shoot better with a bayonet on or off?

Carteach0 said...

My ex-sniper shoots better without a bayonet attached, worse if one is hanging on the barrel.

Now, my standard ishy 91/30 cares little if it's there or not as far as group size, but installing a bayonet will shift the groups six inches at 100 yards..... go figure.

Anonymous said...

Yes I just checked. Funny thing is the mopsin I was going to convert to a scoped rifle is a ex sniper. Thanks so far you made my day.

Carteach0 said...

You are welcome!