Friday, July 13, 2007

Range time, second day in a row! Mausers rule!

Second day in a row I was able to get some range time. Life is good!

Also, since one of my boys recently moved back home, WITH girlfriend, AND her two little angels, DOUBLING the noise and confusion in my home, everyone seems to be happy when I go away for a few hours and come back smiling.

I did the usual required box or two through my carry pistol. I carry, so it's my responsibility to stay in practice.

After that, down to the rifle range, and practice for Sundays match. I don't have enough ammo for the K-31 yet, so what I have has to be saved for the match. That being the case, I figured ANY practice off hand has got to help me. So.... one of my favorites came to the range.

A M-48a Yugoslavian Mauser. Made in 1952, this rifle was stored away as new and never saw service. All matching, pristine bore, and excellent condition. When I got it, the stock was so raw it actually gave splinters when held. THAT is how little the rifle had been handled.

I ran 30 rounds through today in off hand practice. All at 50 yards, but hey! I am not good at off hand.... that's why the extra practice! The rifle will shoot the 50's Yugo surplus ammo into 1.5" at 50 yards off the bench, so clearly these targets reflect my ability.

Both targets were ten rounds at 50 yards. One was slow timed fire (10 minutes) and the other was rapid fire, as fast as I could load and shoot accurately (about 60 seconds). Can you tell which target is which? I can't decide it that's sad or really very good. For me.... anyway.

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