Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ruger Bisley, custom Maple stocks, home-whittled!

This Ruger Bisley .44 has been in the stable for decades.
Acquired at a gun show long ago, it's become an old friend.

It's seen it's most use as a cowboy action pistol, with lots of range time tossed in.

It's also fired it's share of hot lead at game in the field, and been a bear backup gun during some Maine fishing expeditions.

200 grain puff loads to 300 grain super boom-en-splat bear loads, it's gobbled them all with no complaint.

One issue, nursed over the years, has been the original factory walnut stocks.

Now, the factory wood was nice, and had the nifty Ruger squawking chicken emblem on them. For many people they would have been fine.

For many people.... but not me. See.... most people don't have paws like mine.
Big hairy creature paws that tend to fill up any space they are jammed into. Especially tight little spaces jammed in behind trigger guards on magnum pistols.


My answer was to whittle my own stocks from rock hard birdseye maple.
It took me only a few hours, and they happened on the first try which is amazing.
The directions are out there on the net.... and wood is around. I highly recommend trying this activity if you have the desire.

These fill my hand like the gun was fitted to me personally. Oh, wait... it was.
The full house magnum loads are nothing big to deal with, now that the pistol has something to really hang onto. The puff target loads... like shooting a .22, only WAY more fun.

I mean... the WORST that could happen would be a wasted evening and some fancy toothpicks.... It's not like the order of the universe will be altered if it doesn't work.

If wood can't be found, E-mail me. I have a connection.........


TD said...

Hey, I just found your blog via Tam and I'm loving it. I have a Bisley too, one of the stainless .45 Colts that Acusport commissioned a few years back. You've now convinced me that I need new stocks for it.

Who is..... Carteach0? said...

Thank you for the positive!

It was really not a big problem building my own stocks. I had read some basic instructions on the net, but lost the them since. Sure they are still out there.

There is a locator pin in the frame, with matching holes in the wood. The first things that need to be fitted are those pin holes and the fit to the frame at the top. That will hold the wood blocks securely. Everything after that is just shaping.

I did tape my frame with masking tape before I started, so I wouldn't scratch it.

These stocks made all the difference in the world in firing
the beastie. It's completely tame now.

Anonymous said...

Nice job.Will you email me about making some for me.Thanks-Tim My email is

Carteach0 said...


Thanks for the thought, but I no longer do gun work of any kind for other people. That was a former lifetime.....