Saturday, July 28, 2007

S+W M+P 9c, minor modification, big change

I really like this pistol.

While I have always been a
1911 fan, there is something to be said for modern gun design as well. A full respect for classic models does not rule out quality newer ones.

I bought this S+W M+P 9c to use as a carry weapon (ccw).
To be honest, my wife liked it and said I should buy it. I know that giving in to her will keep peace in the family, so I did.

(You buy that story?)

It has few flaws as I have discovered while carrying it almost daily. None major, only a few very minor. All in all, a good design and well suited to it's purpose. I appreciate good skull sweat built into mechanical devices.

One small flaw, that could be
major if allowed to remain as is...

Many times I carry it in a shoulder bag. My 'purse' if you will. I noticed that often when I remove it from the bag, the magazine has been released. It didn't fall clear as the holster keeps it in place, but still it was released and took a palm tap to re-seat it.

Hmm.... bad news should I ever get in a hurry and forget that one movement.

A few moments with a fine mill file, some small needle files, and a dremel tool to knurl the finish was all it took.

First I used the large flat mill file to carefully reshape and re-angle the release. Rather than stick out past the grip, it's now just under flush and sloped down towards the trigger guard.

Then a few moments with the needle files to bevel the edges of the release and remove any flashing for the rough filing. After checking for function, and a few days of normal carry to be sure, I used the dremel tool with a thin stone to cut some scallops into the surface, almost mimicking the factory finish on the plastic.

It no longer releases on it's own, and still works easily when used intentionally.
A small item, easy to modify, that could make a big difference down the road.

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