Tuesday, July 31, 2007

S+W M+P off to the factory...

Ok, the rep from S+W did exactly what he said he was going to do.
There was a UPS return label in my E-mail this afternoon.

I packed up my M+P compact in it's original fitted case, along with a letter
describing the magazine drop issue, and it got left at the UPS store
about an hour ago.

I feel funny about that.... I have never had to return a firearm for
service or repair, ever. In my entire life, I have done every repair or upgrade I ever wanted done, except milling the slide on my Colt. In every other case I handled it myself.

This time... it's under warranty, and I can't just build a new magazine release. Replace it, sure, in about 90 seconds flat. Make one? That would take a while.

Not that I didn't consider it, mind you. Knowing this is a problem with the breed, I considered the option of designing a new catch out of aluminum with a high quality steel insert to replace the factory plastic and pot metal unit.

I may do that yet..... it wouldn't be all that hard, I think.

In any case, the 9mm is on it's way to massychewsets for a factory going over.
I'll report here on the results, in painful detail, with range reports.....

But you already knew that. didn't you?

Follow it to the factory if you wish.... here's the UPS tracking number!

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