Saturday, July 28, 2007

Uh oh... All is not well in S+W land......

Well.... what I thou
ght was a protruding magazine release button now turns out to be a worn magazine release catch.

The issue is being discussed here.

Preliminary research suggests about 20% of the M
+P compacts have this issue, and S+W has redesigned it several times without any real joy.

Uh Oh.....What's a family friendly way of saying %#$%%#& ?

Here are photos of the
magazine catch. The shiny area is supposed to be larger and more squared off, as far as I can tell. It also has a bevel wearing on one side from the magazine rubbing on the catch. The magazine looks fine, but whatever pot metal S+W made this catch from is rapidly giving up the ghost.

NOT impressive for less than a year, and less
than 3000 rounds.
Especially not impressive for $500+.

The other photos show how far the magazine catch protrudes into the magazine well, and into a stripped body of a magazine. I measured the actual engagement distance as almost exactly .031". That's not a lot of room for error!

For the short term, I shimmed th
e catch spring rod to strengthen the engagement, and, I'm very sad to say, took this pistol off carry duty. It's going to reside in the safe till S+W and/or I can work out the problem.

Once it's fixed, it will take another 1000 rounds through it before I will trust it for
carry, if ever.

For now, the trusty old Colt is back on duty, and for the foreseeable future.
Ya just TRY and move into the latest century......

The call will be placed
to Smith+Wesson on Monday, and I'll report here on the response. Their customer service is said to be top notch..... we'll see..... and tell.

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