Saturday, July 14, 2007

What surprises are in your gun safe?

So, ever find a surprise in your gun safe? I mean.... something that was always there, except you didn't know it.

I was reading one day; this time the choice was Bogdanovic's book on Yugoslavian Mauser's. Lets get something straight... YES, I will read a text book on Mauser's just for fun. I live that kind of life. Get over it.

I recommend this book if you have any interest in the Yugo Mauser's, or own one and wish to know more of it's history. A neat fact.... the author is alive and well, and works as a historian to the Yugoslavian arms industry. He can be reached via E-mail and will respond to questions.

This day.... I was reading up a bit on my M48a, and browsing the rest of the book. Towards the back is a short section on their sporting rifle industry. It mentions the Mauser's sold under the MarkX brand name. They were made in the same plant, on the same machin
ery, as my M48a.

I own a Mark X. It's in .300 Win Mag, and was one I bought as a barreled action decades ago. Only in the last few years did I get around to stocking it and making a hunter.

M48a Mauser, built at preduzece 44.........
Mark X Mauser, built at............ THE SAME PLANT!

No way!

I waddled down to the safe and opened it up, dragging both rifles out for a side by side. It was like Grandpa and the Kid. Same family, no doubt at all. I swear a spark ran between them as they lay there in the sun... (could have just been the grease, really).

No big deal, in the long run. It does mean I can never sell the .300 mag now, as I had considered. It would just be... wrong.
In fact, I'm looking for an old military K-98 stock to lay the Mark X in, just for the fun of it. Bet that would shake them down at the range....

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