Monday, September 3, 2007

A nice morning at the range with one of the heirs..

We enjoyed some range time today, just #2 heir and I. It was low stress and kinda fun.

Nice weather, a range bay to ourselves, fine pistols, lots of ammo..... What's not to enjoy!

The 'boy' stands over six feet and weighs about as much as the $400 in groceries he eats each month, so of course he had to spend some time with the .44 magnum.

It's a Ruger Bisley with custom birdseye maple grips that fill the hands nicely.

He liked the powder puff cowboy target shooting loads, but the heavy loads interested him much more.

These were loaded as bear protection ammo for a Maine fishing trip.... and were never really intended for extended range shooting. While I was busy elsewhere, he shot them all up!

I never thought of using the video function for this before, but it works great. We worked on flinch with him, and having the video to review worked wonders. His group size shrunk in half within fifty rounds.

I had him video me during some reloads.... which is down right embarrassing.
The best I can say is.... all the rounds were in the bull at fifty feet, even if I was about as jerky as Algore doing his weird non-victory dance after the election.

Naturally, as I am a charter member of The Brotherhood of Brass Scavengers, we had a little pickup party after shooting. The haul was about 400 cases in addition to the 200 we fired. An excellent morning!

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The Hermit said...

I scavenge brass as well. I used to reload 9mm, though I don't any more, but I still pick up all the brass and sort it, clean it, and store it. One never knows what the future holds, and being Scotch Irish I'm pretty cheap.