Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reloading tips

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Nickel plated cases and cracking. 6/24/09
Do nickel plated cases crack more often?

Avoiding the dreaded double charge. 6/6/09
Double charges, and methods to avoid them.

Beware the powder knocker! 6/4/09
A caution about throwing charges with a bench mounted powder measure.

Getting up close and friendly with your rifle cases. 5/30/09
Looking closely at cases can reveal problems before they become serious.


SRB said...

Have read your reloading "primer" here with great interest and enjoyment. Got question. I have a ton of Berdan primed, brass mil surplus ammo for my Mausers and have been researching reloading of Berdan primed cases. Seems like the only significant barrier is the lack of availability of primer caps here in the States. Are there other issues?

Carteach0 said...


I have no experience with reloading Berdan primed cases, so I can only guess at problems with doing so. I have heard the case life is short compared to regular primed cases, as the primer anvil is part of the case and takes a hit every time it's fired.

SRB said...

Carteach0 Thanks for your reply and insights. Appreciate it.