Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shooting steel

There's nothing new under the sun, I recognize that fact. Still, shooting steel is pretty new to me.

Today I packed up a few pistols, a large portion of ammunition, and headed off to the SLCFSA range. There, the activities in full swing were a trap shooting challenge dominated by old men shooting $4000 shotguns and never missing, a quick draw competition dominated by teenage girls moving just short of light speed, and a new event for our club. Steel.

I shot five stages, switching around pistols to find what I liked, burned up about 150 rounds, and had a ball.

The matches at the club are all 'fun shoot' this season to gauge interest. If it takes off, they'll join the PA steel shooting league and begin next season on the points run.

I know I'll try and make every club match I can, as it's just too much fun to miss.
(A few photos from the shoot, in a slide show....)


Albert A Rasch said...

"...old men shooting $4000 shotguns and never missing," and "...teenage girls moving just short of light speed..."

Which leaves us middle aged guys...

Where exactly?

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Carteach0 said...

Albert... as for me, I remian struggling along with high power rifle matches, sporting clays, steel shooting.... and just plain enjoying it.

The old farts busting clays was boring, but I can appreciate the skill involved. The little girls shooting quick draw with wax bullets and real pistols... that was phenomenal.

"Hey, are you gonna shoo.... HEY! I didn't even see you move!"

chris said...

shot a steel match this past sunday... was solidly bringing in last place the whole time...

but i was there as a learning experience not to be able to compete with the guys with $2500+ STI race guns...

Huey148 said...

Shot steel a few weeks ago and loved it, great training and it was practical from a self defense standpoint also.

Just to let you know, I bogarted your vid for my blog, gave you full credit and posted a link back here.

Carteach0 said...

Huey148, Feel free. The more the merrier!

JoeMerchant24 said...

Steel is terribly addictive. Something about the sound of the plate smacking down...

After my first "dose" I was hooked. A few weeks later, a friend asked if I had use for 5" steel plates , 3/8" thick.

I e-mailed a pic of a plate rack, and for a bottle of Wild Turkey his fab guys used some scrap steel to build me a 5/8 size plate rack.

After practicing at 11 yards with the .22 conversion, the 8" full-size plates seem huge.