Saturday, June 26, 2010

More M-22 testing, torture edition


Following in the best time honored Carteach0 tradition of monkey curiosity coupled with the destructive ability of a small boy, testing of the ISSC M-22 continues. This time, a torture test involving a big stack of rimfire ammunition, and the noticeable lack of a cleaning kit. 500 rounds of function testing in one range visit, without cleaning.

The pistol started out relatively clean, and lubed with a light gun oil. Nothing special was used, as might be done normally. Simply a few drops of oil on the rails and in the trigger mechanism, and a few kind words of encouragement.

tion was laid out.... 1000 rounds worth.... in the shape of Federal 510, Blazer, and some Remington Thunderbolt. 1000 rounds is a rather high amount to expect any .22 pistol to digest without cleaning, especially a blow back operated pistol. Rimfire ammunition is notoriously dirty, and tends to gum up the works in a pretty serious manner. Regular cleaning and lubrication is necessary to keep a .22 pistol alive and functioning.

The Remington Thunderbolt was something of an experiment. It happens the Carteach0 ammo locker is rather well stocked with this offering, as it was on sale at one time. Sadly, most of the .22's in the safe regard it as persona non grata, and promptly refuse to opperate once the Thunderbolt ammo hits the bench.

The M-22 is not an exception to this rule, as was hoped. Only two ten round magazines of the Remington were tried, before failures of various kinds relegated it back to the locker. Worst of all, the over sized bullets on the Thunderbolt amm
o forced another cleaning of the M-22 before testing could begin, as shaved lead worked it's way into the action.

Something noticed during this torture test, and missed in the initial review of the pistol.... the magazines have a cut out in the slot the follower button rides in. Pushing the follower down and the button to one side latches the follower down against the magazine spring, allowing easy loading. This was a welcome discovery about 200 rounds in, as loading .22 pistol magazines can be a fiddly operation, and destructive to the thumbs.

During testing there were a few failures to fire due to ammunition issues. In each case, reorienting the case in the chamber made the 'dud' fire, although a simple 'tap &rack' was all that was necessary to put the pistol back in operation. Towards the end of the 500 round run, slide speed seemed to be dropping which effected feeding. Once this was seen a few times, the test was declared done as the pistol began to have function problems related to lack of cleaning.

It was tempting to give the gunked up M-22 a few good shots of Break Free CLP and continue shooting, but that wasn't the basis of the test. The plan was to see how long the Glock-Like .22 trainer could run without cleaning, and that point was honestly reached at the 500 round mark.

One point of curiosity... could the heat have been a factor in weapon operation? 500 rounds in an hour had the pistol smoking hot, especially on a 90 degree day in full sun. It had to be allowed to cool before bagging for the trip home... it was that warm. Perhaps this might have been a factor in the functioning issues that cropped up after burning a brick of .22lr.

Overall impressions of the M-22's function during the extended run? Pretty good. Not perfect, and not flawless, but better than most other .22 autos might have done. In fact, better than any other .22 pistol in the Carteach0 armory just now. It's entirely possible a quick shot of CLP every few hundred rounds, with a cursory wipe down, might be all that's needed to keep the pistol chugging along like Thomas the Train. Next range trip, that notion will be tested.

One thing that's been proven without a doubt..... Carteach is going to need another case of good .22 ammo, and right soon too!


Anonymous said...

I got a good little chuckle out of that. Nice job and thanks for letting us know how the bugger works out.

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Anonymous said...

Great informatioin.. I just might look into getting one. Love the texting and shooting on your video... Thats just about what it will really come to next.