Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A few personal comments.......

Folks, 'Ol Carteach is back in school again, twisting young folks minds around and kicking them into gear. What that means for this blog is obvious.... posting shall be infrequent for a while. All the content is still here for everyone to enjoy as they wish, but new stuff will be spare till (and if) I get free time.

About this blog.....

This thing started out as nothing more than one shooters way of sharing the hobby with all the un-met friends out there on the intertubes. It was never commercial, never hawked any specific gear, and didn't take advertising. It was just me talking to you, coffee in hand, with no target in mind but simple enjoyment.

Recently I stepped off that reservation and into the land of 'product endorsement'. Specifically, a company treated me to a great weekend playing games, eating good food, drinking too much beer.... and looking at their gear. Mostly good gear, I'll admit, and I'm happy with almost all of it I own now.

That said, the situation had my head swelling and thinking my 20,000 readers a month meant my opinion mattered. To be blunt, I had delusions of competence when it came to pronouncing good/bad/indifferent on products, and I was taking this blog off into that realm.

That ended last week when a pair of tactical boots I reviewed (positively) on this blog disintegrated on me. In April I'm telling ya'll how great they are, and in September I'm boxing them up to ship back for a conditional maybe warranty. Straight up.... I had a serious "I'm an idiot" moment, and realized I had no business telling folks my opinion on boots, knives, or anything else I'm not qualified to speak on.

No more, folks, no more. That is not what I intended this blog to be, and that experiment in silliness is over. Carteach0 will return to it's roots, where I was happier, and the blog will concentrate on firearms, shooting, and all the myriad nooks those hobbies lead into.

'Nuf said.

Ya'll have a fine day, and do some good out there!


K. Erickson said...

I think you meant to say "boots" not "books". Regardless, your opinion (and mine and the next guy's) is just as valid, if not more so, than the "experts". As long as "promotional consideration" is disclosed, I see no problem with it. As a suggestion, you might consider balancing "paid opinion" with "hey, this is something neat I bought with my own money and here's why."

Old NFO said...

Carteach0, we all have those moments... trust me... I've enjoyed the reviews, and I'll still come read anything you write :-)

TrueBlueSam said...

Don't beat yourself up; you put out a good product, and I refer others to your blog for your advice. Keep up the good work.

ZerCool said...

Damn, blogger ate my earlier comment (503 error, and I was too tired to re-type).

I applaud you for (A) getting products to review, honestly, and (B) being honest enough with yourself to realize that it wasn't making YOU happy - and that's what it comes down to, isn't it?

I'll still be here to read as much as you care to write. It wasn't the reviews that brought me and losing them doesn't make me sad.

YeOldFurt said...

Keep 'em coning, I enjoy your writing and look forward to your posts. The reviews are helpful for me also. We all just express our opinion, and just like in the military or any place else, they are simply our own biased opinions. I take yours as they are intended.
w/v = pence (my two pence worth)

Lawyer said...

As the others have said, I keep coming back because of what you have to share and offer. That's good enough for me. And, you've been honest enough to disclose when you are reviewing something, so I appreciate that as well. Thanks for what you do.

ordnancecorner said...

Initial product reviews are good. After action reviews are even better. I was looking at the boots in question for myself but was planning on waiting to see how they held up for you.

Kind of like I waited before getting involved with a certain financial transaction service that is all the talk in gun folk's circles right now.

In both cases, waiting for a while proved to be a good thing.

ordnancecorner said...

Initial product reviews are good. Long term reviews even better.

I was considering the boots in question until I saw this post, so I'm glad I waited. Just like I'm glad I waited on getting involved with a certain financial transaction service we've been hearing a lot of negative comments about lately.

Boat Guy said...

Sorry to hear that those folks gear let you down as well. Had the same thing happen to me some years back; my unit bought a bunch of their stuff after looking at my personally-purchased pack.
I gave up on them after that; your reviews had me wondering if they'd improved. Guess not.

keith said...

The failure of those boots over time doesn't invalidate your initial review or compromise your credibility. Just continue to tell how well a product performs and note when it fails and you'll be providing a very valuable service to all of your readers.

I must say though, even though I'm looking for updates on your Lasermax guide rod, I've always enjoyed your "how-to" posts more than your equipment reviews.


Carteach0 said...

Thank you folks, for the thoughts and kind words.

Keith, concerning the Lasermax, I really have nothing special to report. It's still mounted in my G-30, I still activate it every time I unholster the pistol (to build muscle memory), and it still works fine. Occasionally I practice moving around the house with it in low light. I suppose that might make a post by itself.

Boat Guy, Man... sorry to hear that about the gear. I'd like to know more, if you can share. No problem if you can't.

Ordnance corner, I'm kind of bummed about the boots, to be honest. They were SO much much lighter and more comfortable than any other boots I'd ever had. Maybe mine coming apart were a fluke, but I doubt it. The lady at their customer service slipped and told me which boots I was sending back, before I had a chance to tell her which ones they were. That tells me mine are not the only ones that failed. I'm still looking for decent tactical boots for everyday wear. 5.1.1 does not have much in my size (14EE).

Weetabix said...

I like the free ice cream, no matter the flavor. I'll keep stopping by as long as you keep writing.

Anonymous said...

good call.... lets move on. you have a good blog. even better when I know your honest. KD

ASM826 said...

Better to hear that they were good out of the box and then hear that they let you down after some use.

If you give me some reloading info, and then need to make a correction, is that any different?