Thursday, January 20, 2011

Choose five... just five..... a challenge


Friend, blogger, and all round good guy Kenn Blanchard (Black man with a gun) asked a question on FaceBook. "If you HAD to choose only five guns to own..... which ones and why?"

First of all, the question itself raises my hackles, as even the thought of paring the Carteach collection down to only five weapons is....... (shiver)...... difficult to conceive. That said, what is the answer? If we had to choose just five... and only five... what would they be?

I'll write up an answer in an upcoming post, with explanations of Carteach's choices. Till then, feel free to discuss in comments if you wish. Play nice now!


Me said...

My decision of TYPE goes back to Bruce Clayton's survival armory thoughts: 1 pistol, 1 rifle, 1 shotgun and 1 .22lr. With that combination, you can hunt or stop virtually anything that moves or flies.

Breaking it down, my pistol would be the Smith and Wesson Model 19 in .357 Magnum for it's ruggedness and versatility and the fact that it can utilize any .357 or .38 Special cartridge I might ever acquire.

My .22 is going to be a Ruger 10-22. That little critter pretty much sets the standard for .22's. Useful for small game and target practice, and it's not a bad defensive arm in a pinch.

Shotgun? A Remington 870 in 12ga., with 18" rifle-sighted barrel and a 28" vent-rib interchangeable-choke barrel. That firearm will put plenty of food on the table.

Rifle? Call me old-fashioned, but I'll stick with the M-1A. I'm a .30 kinda guy, and I like to be able to take a deer or a bad guy who thinks he's behind cover.

Oh, that's right...I get a 5th one. Well ok. I'll take an AR-15 carbine, too. It's handy at close-quarters and 5.56mm ammo seems to be pretty abundant right now.

K. Erickson said...

I hate to be a follower, but I will take 3 out of the 5 selections from Me (the Ruger 10/22, The Remington 870 and the AR15) for almost the exact same reasons. My two differences would be that my pistol choice would be the Smith & Wesson Model 686 instead of the 19 because I prefer the heavier front end. My "big" rifle choice would be the Remington 700 bolt action in .308.

drjim said...

Well, I already have a 357 Magnum revolver that my wife can use, a Marlin 1894C in 357 (less ammo to 'stock!), an 870 Express, so that gives me two more. I'll include my Kimber 1911 because I've trained extensively with it, and my Marlin 336 in 30-30. Why 30-30? After reading a lot, and looking at what ammo the various sporting goods stores sell, 30-30 is likely to be available in a good number of places, where 30-06 and 308 might not be.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll be the first to go to FAVORITES.

1. M96 Swedish Mauser. In fact, if I could only shoot one rifle the rest of my life, I'd be happy with this one.

2. Makarov (E. German). Great fun, acceptable for self-defense with modern bullet technology, and it eats everything.

3. Colt 1903. An utterly elegant design, pleasing to the eye and hand.

4. Simonov. Mostly practical, a decent round, and better aesthetically than the AK.

5. S&W Model 66. Great round, perfect balance, smooth trigger, and the one that started my wheelgun collection.

Anonymous said...

Bolt gun with absolute reliable optics in 308

Black gun in 223

Pump shotgun with extended mag in 3" 12 gauge.

1911 in 9mm

Good quality 22 - either a bolt or a semi.

In the SHTF scenario, the most important thing is going to be feeding these items. The basic military/cop ammo is always going to be available.

Old NFO said...

M-24, AR-15, 1911, Mossy 590A1, Model 39.

Jogi said...

G3, MP5, 1911 in 9mm, Mossberg 590 and 10-22...

George in AZ said...

A full-sized 1911, in .45 ACP, a S&W 19 4"bbl., an Ithaca Deerslayer Police Special 12 ga., an AR-15 20" heavy bbl., and an H&K
in .308. I DO like Old NFO model 39, tho, for sentimental reasons.
But, if I was limited to 9mm, A Browning High Power.

Sigivald said...

Of what I actually have:

1911, 10-22, 870, AR-15 (in A2 configuration), Savage 99E in .300 Savage (in case I ever decide I want to hunt things).

In fantasyland:

1911 registered as an SBR with shoulder stock slot and stock, 10-22 with integral suppressor, 870 registered as an SBS, AR-15 in M4 SBR configuration, and an AR-10 (Congo style, top-cock).

After all, if it's fantasy, why not go for the NFA stuff? It's not like I'll be spending all that money on more guns if I'm limited to five...

Willorith said...

Marlin 1895 .45-70 guide gun. What would you use the other four for?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're all so...practical.


Anonymous said...

1. Ruger Security Six .357 magnum stainless, like a Model 19 but better. (Flame suit on)

2. Marlin 336 30-30, effective and classic.

3. Remington 870 12 gauge, see above.

4. Marline 1894 .357 magnum, fun plinker and decent hunter.

5. Marlin 39 Mountie carbine, 22 rimfire that matches main hunter in manual of arms.

So Far only missing number 5 in my playlist.

Montana said...

I'm assuming this is a question of only having five guns forever as opposed to being able to trade ones out. So...

1. HK P30. It'll last forever.

2. M1A open sights in .308

3. Mossberg 590, that safety is so much handier than a crossbolt.

4. Ruger 10/22

5. HK45, cause they don't make a 46.

That 45 is a real toss up, it's be nice to cover the .223 and AK ammo as well, but with only five, you're going to miss something.

Old NFO said...

I have all five of mine too... and a few more besides...

Anonymous said...

Ruger Police Security Six, stainless, in .357; Marlin '94C;
Marlin 780 (.22); almost any 30-30 lever action, but opt for the 336 Marlin; Marlin 12 gauge pump, 3" chamber, 28" barrel, dual slides. I could do without the shotty and add a .22 pistol- probably the Rugert MK II already in the cabinet.
Shucks- I have the whole collection already!

Earl said...

Well, the M1, the Stevens Target Rifle, the 1911 my wife bought me, the Ruger Mark III I bought, and the shotgun hiding under my bed.

I have many more, but don't really know why --- it just happened that way.