Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fund raiser to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project (Now with MORE Update!... and custom leather even!) (Over now)

. (Make SURE to check the prize list again, as more are added all the time!)

We are going to have us a little fund raiser here, and Carteach will be shipping out some pretty neat stuff when it's over. The object of the funds raised will be..... The Wounded Warrior Project, and it's tough to think of anyone more deserving of our help.

Here's how it's going to work: I have some goodies to give away, and will be drawing names of the lucky winners (on video here at Carteach0) sometime the end of September. The names get into the hat in one way, and only one way. Anyone who makes a donation to The Wounded Warrior Project and forwards me a copy of the email receipt is in.

For every five dollars donated, the donors name will be entered in the drawing. In other words, a $40 donation gets you 8 entries. Not only that, but the donor specifies which giveaway item they want to be entered for, and can split their entries up on different prizes.
Once the donation is made, forward a copy of the receipt to me at ArtWelling1@gmail.com, specifying which items you want to be entered for. As more prizes come to light and show up here, you may let me know if you want your entries changed to a different item, although it would better to just make another donation and get another entry (g).

What is in the prize bag? Keep checking back, as I expect this list to grow... and that's being worked on by the lovely and resourceful person of Ashley Burgess, of Laura Burgess marketing, a firm that specializes in representing companies we shooters know and love. This family operation is an American success story, and they are good folks indeed.

From Dennis Badurina, proprietor of Dragon Leather Works, comes a hand made holster for the 1911 pattern pistols. Dennis's work has been reviewed by Gun Blogs everywhere, and I needn't expand on the artistic quality of his work.. This holster is currently on it's way to be photographed by Oleg Volk, one of the best people in the business, and might be seen on his site in the future. After that, Carteach gets to look it over for an upcoming article, and then it becomes yet another great prize in this fund raiser. Whoever wins it will be getting a unique holster desired by many, many people indeed, with the added mystique of being a well known piece seen widely on the blog-o-sphere.

Holster only... pistol not included. Image by Oleg Volk.

From Laserlyte, several offerings for the cause....

One of their new units designed for the Ruger LCP, and reviewed here before. I own one of these myself now, and rely on it for daily pocket carry.

And.... another unit designed for the KelTec PF-9. This one replaces the rear sight, meaning the owner does not have to buy a new holster or modify one to fit. It's neat technology, and works.

And from BLACKHAWK!, a sweet leather pancake holster fitted for the 1911 pattern.

From Sentry Solutions, TWO
Armorer's kits. Yes, TWO... so twice the chance of winning!

And, Sentry Solutions sweetened the pot by adding TWO Gear Care Kits, along with enough extra Tuf-Cloth's to make all four kits bulge! I envy the winners on these kits... I'll have to buy one for myself.

And now..... something from 'Ol Carteach himself. Some of the folks here know I craft jewelry, amongst my other sins. Well, here is an example of such silliness. It's a moonstone heart, mounted on a hammered silver bracelet. It's hand made, and I consider it once of the nicest and most graceful pieces I've been fortunate to make.

NASCAR fans.... Here are a pair of collectable die cast metal cars. Todd Jarret's #88, and here is a link to the exact item on Amazon so folks can see what they are. I have decided there is no way I'll un-box them for photos as these are in their original box and untouched.
1 of 2000, from the Brookfield Collectors Guild. They will come with a bonus Ford Model-A die cast collectors car that is gorgeous, and also untouched in it's original box . This set is worth in excess of $300, and has been donated to the cause by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
LinkFrom John Rost, fellow blogger and all round good guy, comes two brand-new-in-the-wrapper AR-15 magazines. Made by C-Products, these top of the line 30 round magazines have the highly desirable grey anti-tilt followers. To sweeten the package, Carteach is adding enough ammunition from his own cache to fill the magazines.

From Patrick, reader, supporter of the cause, and fellow blogger, comes a new copy of the latest edition of Boston's Gun Bible. It's about 2" thick, and chock full of shooty goodness.

From JC Jewelers in Sebring, Florida, a Morgan silver dollar, dated 1878 and bearing an 'S' code. I am no coin expert... but to my eye this coin looks.... well.... startlingly good for being struck 130 years ago.

From JT, who donated the coin: "
1878 was of course the first year for the Morgan, the San Francisco mintage is emblematic of American adventure and prosperity at the time, and not least in my mind, it was the year that 23 year old John Browning began work on his first gun, the beautiful single-shot rifle that later became the iconic Winchester 1885. Anyway, holding a coin like that gives me a sense of connection that I hope your raffle participants will also enjoy, and this one is nearly untouched and still mint-frosty after all these years. "

And.... one last prize, given by North, with a blog by the same name. A magnificent set of new books, all geared towards shooters of the gentler sex (Yes... I can almost say that with a straight face). Five books, each centered around shooting and self defense for women. I could not have picked a better set myself, and lucky is the person who wins these in the drawings. North did a fine job choosing these!

Armed and Female, by Paxton Quigley
The Cornered Cat, by Kathy Jackson
Thank God I had a Gun, by Chris Bird
The Concealed Handgun Manual, by Chris Bird
and Personal Defense for Woman, by Gila Hayes

Now.... how did all this get started?
Friends and readers, Carteach had an idea.

Now, I don't want you to get that look again. There is no reason to run away this time. Really, this is actually a good idea, and the chance of disaster is reasonably small.

There came notice that a gift would be arriving in the mail very soon. A magnificent gift, really... a laser from Laserlyte. Their products are pretty good stuff, and I've reviewed some of them here in the past.

Well, it turns out the unit being sent is one I already have, and use on a daily basis. Discovering that, the 'ol brain turned to finding fun, useful, and mostly legal things to do with a spare laser designed to fit the Ruger LCP. The very first idea was to run a contest here on the blog and give the device away to a worthy reader. After all... where would this site be without our loyal readers?

Then.... another idea occurred. Not simply give away the loot, but give it away with a purpose... and a very good purpose indeed.

A few notes:
  • This fund raiser is being run solely by Carteach0, and is not affiliated with anyone else. That means it ain't their fault, just mine.
  • Prizes have been donated without conditions, and all will be shipped within a week of the drawing. All shipping and extraneous costs will be covered by Carteach0. Time for the fat guy to scrape the penny jar clean.
  • Carteach will respond to every single email entry that comes in, so if you don't get a response within a day, holler, scream, and shout in any particular order you choose.
  • Fellow GunBloggers.... you know what to do!


45er said...

SENT. A great cause. I hope you get a TON of emails. I hope you can't keep up with them.

Carteach said...

Would like to find a way to carry comments forward when I update a post like this.... Grr....

In any case, I do too 45er! There are some great people chipping in, and making donations to Wounded Warriors. With any luck, some fellow bloggers will pick up the drum and pound it a little for us.

Chuck Kuecker said...

I put up a little free advertising for you at my blog.

Keep up the good work!

Carteach said...

Thank you Chuck! We'll take it happily!

NavyOne said...

Great stuff Carteach0!

Linked at my blog: http://themellowjihadi.com/2011/08/30/paging-bay-area-gun-experts/

Thanks for supporting us active-duty types. . .

(Heading over to WW now.)

45er said...

I linked, too. Hopefully, it helped a little.


Carteach said...

Thanks for the link 45er!

Dragon said...




North said...

Excellent idea!

WW is now the major charity for my wife and I. I hope that your contest gets more people to contribute!

Carteach said...

Thank you Dragon!

I have to say something.... it may be the hardest moment of this whole fund raiser, when I have to package that holster up and ship it to a winner in the drawings. I suspect I will shed a tear of envy when I do so.

North said...

I added a link from my blog to this post.

Carteach said...

Thanks North!

Patrick said...

Linked on my sidebar and another post will run tonight.

Carteach said...

Thank you!

45er said...

Finally got around to putting on my sidebar. I'm glad to see it climbing.

Keads said...

Sent! Sidebar up too. If I can get the local range to donate can we just ship from here to the winners?

Melonie said...

Just found out about this as a new reader of Home on the Range.

Love this! Linked up for ya - hope it helps a bit. Our e-news goes out next weekend - I'll get you a link there as well.


Carteach said...

Thank you!

Carteach said...


E-mail me and we will see what we can do.

North said...

Five books in the mail for you! I posted a while back at http://northwest1524.blogspot.com/
and jut today at http://gunblogblacklist.blogspot.com/

Scout26 said...

Donated to and posted on my blog.

Sorry I'm late to the party. Hopefully you're freaking overwhelmed with e-mails.