Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coming soon.... feeding a pocket .380

An ORM-D package from came in the mail again... and there was great rejoicing!

Now the chronograph is set up at Castle Carteach, and soon data will be accumulated towards better understanding the capabilities of modern .380 loadings. This time, we'll be comparing Federal 90 grain Hydroshock to a toasty hot hand load, and plain ball ammo.

Check back soon!

Oh... and remember.... clicking on the ads here makes this possible! Each click is roughly half a round of ammo, although not the pricey stuff we'll be looking at this time. I recommend saying "BANG" every time you click on an ad... (g)


Guffaw in AZ said...

I've a 'pocket wallet' plastic pack of SuperVel 9mm from the 70's tucked away. 1450 fps! It's amazing how far the technology has advanced!
Do we know the velocity of these guys?

45er said...

Awesome! I just got some Speer Gold Dot .380s to try out at the range tomorrow. I'm very interested in how those Federals work for you.