Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dragon Leatherworks


The Carteach0 fund raiser to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project brought in some darn nice donations from both individuals and companies to use as prizes. Of these, one clearly led the pack in popularity... and deservedly so. A custom 'Talon' holster from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks.

It was a pleasure to have this fine piece of leather artistry in our hands, even if only for a short time. Craftsmanship is something that simply never goes out of style, and quality will always rise to the top. Dennis's work satisfies on both counts

The hand stitching is flawless, and the heavy pressed leather shows an attention to detail unmatched by any high volume commercial holster maker.

Not that mass produced holsters are bad... but the Dragon Talon is a whole step above. It's like comparing a very nice factory built Remington 700 varmint rifle to a hand tuned M-24 sniper rifle from the Army precision shooting shop. Both are rifles... and that's where the comparison ends.

Carteach's own holster preference runs to a Galco JAK slide worn inside the belt and outside the pants, and carrying a Glock G-30. Not pretty, but a solid workhorse pistol in a no-nonsense simple holster. That said... if Dennis makes anything comparable to the JAK slide style in the same quality as this Talon holster, I would move heaven and earth to own one of my own.

Heck... if I ever have call to show off my fancy Colt Commander in a holster that matches it (or exceeds it) in quality and style, I'd be hard pressed to find better than a Dragon Leatherworks Talon.


Old NFO said...

Yep Dennis does OUTSTANDING work, and he even listens to the customers :-)

Mike W. said...

His Talon holsters are a thing of beauty.