Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sentry Solutions Tuff Cloth.... like black magic in a bag

Recently there came a chance to try out one of those 'Miracle Products'. You know... the 'Chopper in a Hopper' we all grew up with on late night television.

This little bit of black magic is a rag in a bag.

The Sentry Solutions 'Tuff Cloth'. It's a firearms (and just about any other equipment I guess) cleaning cloth with some rather special features. It's billed as having water displacing properties, and this I can vouch for. Sentry Solutions also says it's oil and silicone free, which it has every appearance of being... and lays down a layer of lubrication, which I can also attest to after trying one for a few weeks.

Look... the best way I can describe it is this. In my kitchen, I have a rack of very fine chefs knives. To keep them in good edge, I have both a set of stones and a quality steel. Once a knife is properly sharpened, a regular short application of the steel keeps it razor sharp, and I seldom have to do a full sharpening routine. The same idea works with the Tuff Cloth. I've found that simply field stripping and wiping down my carry weapons on a regular basis with their product makes full cleaning a rare occurrence anymore. Even a short range session cleans up with a few wipes, and a little prodding into crevasses and corners.

I've also noticed my Glock G-30, the pistol I carry and handle the most, functions noticeably smoother after using the Tuff Cloth. It's been consistently serviced and lubricated since new in the approved Glock procedure of applying tiny drops of gun lube in only a few specific locations. The lubrication properties of the Tuff Cloth seems to make that unnecessary... although the jury is still out on that.

What the jury can report on (The jury being one fat 'Ol man named Carteach) is the cloth has dramatically reduced the accumulation of lint, dust, and dirt on my carry weapons. It seems the dry film claim is entirely accurate.

I suppose one could stuff a hunk of old T-shirt into a ziplock and shoot it with WD-40 to arrive at their own Rag In A Bag.... but somehow I just don't think it will work as good as this.

So, one of these black magic rags-in-a-bag now lives in my range bag. Another is in my gun safe, and another rests in the same spot my carry pistol resides when it's not on my belt.

Carteach approves.


45er said...

Oh, goody. I absolutely cannot wait to get something in the mail. The first thing I have planned is to review and link you to say thanks.

drjim said...

How long are they good for?

Carteach0 said...

Dr Jim,

That is a good question, and one I don't have an answer for yet. Shelf life without being used, I suspect is just about indefinite. In use.... I can't say. I only have a few weeks on the ones I have been using, and they are pretty much like new. The stuff on it HAS to be used up eventually. I just can't say when.

drjim said...

They definitely look interesting. I've been using Birchwood-Casey "Barricade" cloths that come in a little sealed packet like a one-use wet-nap. I put them in a small zip-lock bag after I take them out of the foil pouch. They work very well, but leave the gun "damp", so I either have to wait for it to evaporate, or wipe it down with a dry cloth.
I'll be on the lookout for these.!

Eric Burgess said...

The composition of the active ingredient is crystaline, rather than petroleum based. When the carrier evaporates it leaves a unified, dry, super slick crystaline barrier. Since there's no liquid present, it doesn't hold lint, dirt or dust, unlike WD-40 or any oil or silicone product. Sentry Solution sells Tuf-Glide, which comes in a pen tip applicator, to reach difficult areas like trigger mechanisms. It can also be used to renew the Tuf-Cloth for practically indefinite use.

drjim said...

Mine arrived yesterday. I haven't had a chance to check them out yet, but I'll be able to get to it this weekend.