Monday, May 30, 2011

Sharing a few thoughts.....

This blog began about three years ago... as a conversational place for the author to share his hobby with friends known and unknown. Along the road from then to now, I (Yours truly, Carteach0, or simply 'Art' to my friends) have learned much about writing, photography, life, people, and more. This blog flirted with going commercial, but I resisted... as it's not a path I wish to travel just now. Maybe some day... but not this day.

Long time readers may have noticed the ebb and flow of this blog.... posts coming and going in accordance with the time of year. The explanation is a simple one; I am a school teacher, and a large portion of the year is devoted to my students. Almost entirely devoted.... leaving little time to my hobbies, writing, and sharing on this blog (Truth be told, I haven't imprinted a primer in almost two months).

Well.... today is Memorial day. A day set aside to remember our fallen, and less importantly a day traditionally marking the beginning of Summer. To me, it's a also a day noting the home stretch. Tomorrow evening my young ones walk the stage, and only days later 'Summer' begins for teachers. Roughly ten weeks off to recover, plan, repair, and build. It's never a vacation lasting two and half months.... but the pressure is off, and an actual vacation may happen.

For Carteach, some of the things that will be happening... more shooting, more hobbying, more experimenting, more learning, and more blogging about it. I expect to take this blog back towards it's roots a little bit, and grow more 'conversational' in it's offering.