Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shooty stuff for sale or trade........

This page will show things Carteach has for sale or trade, usually reloading and shooting gear although the occasional firearm may show up as well.  All prices are plus shipping to wherever you happen to be, unless we arrange otherwise.

If something is shown here, I still have it.  Pictures will be of the actual thing, not a generic image. If anyone is interested in an item here, email me at the address shown in the profile to the top-left of the blog.  I'm open to American dollars, silver, and trades.

1916 Spanish Mauser, retrofitted to 7.62mm by Spain in the 1950's.   It's well described in this article here. 
$275 + shipping, includes some of it's favorite ammunition.  Open  to trades.

Lee die set in 30-06.  New, unused, full set with shell holder and factory crimp die.    $35

Lee hand press, new and unused, complete with a die bushing.  This is the new one with the quick change bushing setup.  You can leave a die in the bushing, all set up, and just pop it out of the press till the next time you need it.  This would require one bushing per die, but they are cheap.  OR...... just leave the bushing in the press and screw in any standard die you wish.

I began loading with one of these mumble mumble years ago.  I've owned several, and given them away to start others on their reloading career.  I've learned to not pass one up at a good price, which is how I now have a few spares to sell.

I use one of these all the time for auxiliary operations, like decapping and such.  $35


Fred said...

A - I'll take the Lee Press for $35+postage. Confirming email will follow.

Anonymous said...

interested in the mauser whats your contact email?

Carteach said...


Click on my picture to the left, and that will take you to a profile. The e-mail address is there,on the left side.