Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Couple things....

There is plenty of time to get in on the fund raising drawing for the Most Fantabulous Tactical Pen In The Universe. This time we are helping out Soldiers Angels... and a fine group they are. Already, over $700 has gone to them from Carteach0 readers... but shouldn't that be $1000? Please, and thank you!

Also... as long as we are busy with 'Ol Carteach thanking you folks.... Thanks for clicking on those ads here! This month, the stacked pennies amounted to enough to order some weird old Mil-Surp ammo, which will be stripped, explored, tested, and test fired right here for everyone's amazement, enjoyment, and edumucashion. Just a few days left in the month to kick that penny jar in the butt... so clicky away my friends!

That is all..... and thank you!

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