Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book review: Hatcher's Notebook, from Stackpole Books


This is the first of what I hope to make a regular feature on Carteach0; Book reviews for shooting enthusiasts. With a little good fortune, I hope to post one every few weeks and share a little of the Fat Man's love of good books.

To begin the series, only one book would do. When gunnies the world over are discussing firearms and cartridge design, the simple mention of a reference in this book ends all arguments. Representing the thoughts, personal journals, and technical work of one of the greatest firearms minds of the 20th century, Hatcher's Notebook is the reining king of firearms reference books.

Published by Stackpole Books, Hatcher's Notebook is available on Amazon (Hatcher's Notebook, Revised Edition (Classic Gun Books Series)) as this is written for only $27 with free shipping. For a devoted shooting enthusiast, there is no good excuse not to own this book.... which is why after so many years in the wilderness, Carteach has finally acquired his own copy.

General Hatcher lived through some of the most exciting and dramatic times the United States has known in terms of firearms development, and he was in the heart of it all. Working for the military, he had his hand in training, design, and development of just about every ballistic endeavor imaginable. Through it all.... he took notes. Hatcher's Notebook is a collection of those notes and thoughts, including personal stories from the time.

Replete with technical tidbits and mathematical solutions to problems in ballistics, the book is also heavily endowed with General Julian Hatcher's thoughts and ability to teach. As such, it serves as a window into time, opening up the lives of the folks who built the rifles we collect and shoot to this day.

With over 600 pages of stories, technical descriptions, images, tables, charts, and essays Hatcher's notebook is a reference and resource worth far, far more than the few dollars it costs.

Carteach rates this book as: Indispensable.

Hatcher's Notebook, Revised Edition (Classic Gun Books Series)


Rifleslinger said...

This is my first visit to your blog sir. Thank you for providing me the impetus to buy this book that I have often heard referenced as an aside, but never read a full review on. It looks like mandatory reading.

Carteach0 said...

RS, that's why I do this. Sharing the interest!

drjim said...

Just ordered from Amazon.
Thanks for "teaching" us!

Carteach0 said...


Thank you, and I expect you will enjoy the book immensely. I have had my nose buried in it whenever reading time is available the last few days. There must have been a dozen times I said "So THAT'S why...."

randomactsofpatriotism said...

It's also available for free download as a PDF file from Scribd.

drjim said...

Free downloads are one thing, but for a reference book, I want something I can fondle!
That and drag into the bathroom......

Carteach0 said...

Agreed. I may download it, as it's so valuable... but there's no way I would be happy not having this book in my hands.

drjim said...

Mine arrived the other day, and it's worth EVERY penny!
An amazing assortment of knowledge, and I've already found several items that made me go " THAT'S why they do it that way".
Great find, thanks again!