Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gear review: Techna Clip for the Ruger LCP


Well friends and neighbors, this post will be a first here. A gear review on something a company asked me to write about.

Don't get me wrong... we have lots of gear reviews on Carteach0 (because gear is fun!), but in just about every case it's something that I personally use, or want to check out myself. Surely, companies do contact the author and ask for reviews, but they usually get politely refused unless it's something in the 'To Buy' pipeline anyway. This time, The Fat Man decided to give this bit of gimmickry a try and see how it works.

What we have here is the Techna Clip, and it's pretty much exactly what it looks like. A belt/pocket clip that attaches to the side of the Ruger LCP by replacing one of the factory pins with a steel pin and threaded screw.

It appears to be made from stamped spring steel of decent quality, and is finished in a dull parkerize type finish. The attaching pin and screw look like good quality hard steel that's been blackened. The whole rig costs about $30 from Techna Clip, including shipping, and right now they have models to fit the LCP, the LC9, and the Sig P238. For this review, Carteach chose the Ruger LCP Left Side version, with malice aforethought.

Regarding the unit itself, a few comments. The spring clip fits the pistol tighter than I thought it would, and I needed to start the screw into the pin first, using it to draw the clip onto the side of the pistol. While this might be easy to mess up, I see the tight fit as a good thing. On that note, given a few weeks of use I was unable to break either the clip or the screw that holds it on the pistol. Frankly.... this surprised The Fat Man, as breaking things is one of his best talents.

Given that I failed to snap it clean off the pistol in 'normal' use, how did it work otherwise?

Setting aside for a few moments the idea of using a belt clip to carry a pistol, I'll report that the Techna Clip did pretty much what one would expect. It did a decent job of letting me carry the pistol simply by slipping it into my pocket, or under my belt, with the clip keeping it upright and located much as I put it. I found this especially helpful when I carry the LCP in my pocket around the house and property.

As concealed carry, it's not as effective as simply slipping the LCP in my vest pocket. The clip does hold part of the pistol above the belt or pocket, pretty much the same as wearing a belt clipped holster. That said, it was nice to know the pistol was exactly where I put it, and oriented butt up and muzzle down, instead of all piggly wiggly from being churned around in a pocket.

I chose to install the left side clip, as I often wear slash pocket pants. Having the clip on the left side of the pistol allows me to put the pistol in my right front pocket, with most of the pistol rding down in the pocket. It also helps me with under-belt carry, as I can slide my hand under my belt and alongside the pistol to draw, already having the pistol in firing position as soon as I draw.

Is the Clip better than a belt holster or, given this is an LCP pocket pistol, a pocket holster? Yes and no. It depends on your style and intent of carry. If you are just looking to slip the pistol into your pocket and go, the Techna Clip seems to help in that case. If you are looking for complete concealment.... the clip is not the way to go.

There is another issue, and an important one. Using a belt clip to carry a pistol means leaving the trigger exposed. Given a DA revolver, or a double action only semi-auto like the LCP, having an exposed trigger is still a risk, but less so than single action or safe action pistols. I'm comfortable putting the LCP in my pocket, but I make it the only thing there, with nothing else that can snag the trigger and cause serious surprise unhappiness.

Okay.... my final observations. If I really, really wanted a belt clip on my pistol, I'd have no reservations about using the Techna Clip.


Willorith said...

I carry one of those little pistols in my left hip pocket, rather than extra mags for the 1911 on my right hip.I turn the pistol so the mag release is against my butt. When the mag release faced outward, occasionally the button would get pushed and release the mag in my pocket. A good reason for a special pocket holster. My jeans pocket is taking on a distinctive wear pattern. Another good reason for a special pocket holster.

Carteach said...

Aye, agreed. After a year of carrying a spare magazine in my Carhart vest, I found the pocket had taken on a perfect worn outline of the G-30 mag. Had to swap pockets and wash the vest with a little bleach in the water.

Hartley said...

Question - did you try it in the "small-of-back" position? It looks like it would hold the pistol about right, but I'd worry about how well it was clipped in if you sat down.

Carteach said...

Hartley, I've never carried SOB. I've seen it a few times, but also saw bad things come of it.

Chris said...

I've used the same type of clip on my Kel-Tec P-32 and PF-9 for years with no issues. It's a very handy method of carry, although one must take an extra second to ensure there's no fabric or other obstructions around the trigger area when 'holstering'.
One huge advantage to the Kel-Tec versions of this clip is that while identical in design and installation, they are less than half the price of the Techna Clip!

Old NFO said...

Meh... Too much like Mexican Carry to suit me. I'll pass...