Saturday, September 29, 2012

Appleseed at the GRPC

Attended the Gun Rights Policy Conference today, I had the honor of keeping company with as fine a bunch of people as ever before.  The people from the Florida edition of Appleseed.

Later, when I recover from a very busy weekend of listening and speaking to the brightest minds in the gun rights movement, I'll report more on what they had to say.  Now though, a few words about Appleseed.

Of all the tables displaying valuable information from good meaning people at this conference, the Appleseed table is the busiest by far.  This a conference attended by people who CARE about what is happening in this nation, and what is happening to our gun  rights.  People who understand the value represented by Appleseed and the work performed by all those volunteers around the country.

This interest in Appleseed, as much as anything else, renews my spirit and gives me hope for the future.

This last photo, of a fine lady holding up the Appleseed poster.... is a study in contrasts and a stunning display of all that is right.... and wrong.... in our nation.

The GRPC this year is being held at a hotel that is not close to an airport, but is actually INSIDE the airport.  Those people you see in the background (through a glass wall) are the TSA, doing what they do worst....

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Corvette said...

Thanks for the Conference update. Great to hear Appleseed had a presence on the floor and that it was a popular stop. Couldn't make conf but did help make two new Riflemen at Willmington AS and started 30+ others on their AS journey. Had 8 yr old on line with his family popping 4's and 5's with a single shot bolt youth rifle. AS continues to renew my hope for future as well. Corvette IIT, Ohio AS