Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to tell when you are working too hard....

  • There is a laser accurate .22 at the front of the gun safe.... and it hasn't been fired in months.
  • You have a table reserved for the gun show at your local club, and you have to cancel it because you are working all weekend.
  • You own an AR that hasn't been fired. Any AR, for any length of time... unfired.
  • Your favorite gun shop calls you just to see if you are Okay, since they haven't seen you in a while.
  • The .22 swingers in your back yard are actually rusty (gasp).
  • There is dust accumulating on the handles of your ammo cans. Not the ones in storage, but the ones in 'regular' use.
  • Your Garand whines at you when you open the safe to get some cash.
  • You have three new Magpul magazines..... and they are still in their factory bags.
  • You drive past your range and see a new 200 yard backstop... and you don't know when it was installed.
  • You can't recall what IMR4895 smells like in the morning breeze.


Old NFO said...

NOT good my friend... Downtime/trigger time is prescribed for your mental health!!!

Ken O said...

I feel you. I can catch trout and redfish literally in my back yard and have not put a line in the water in thirteen months.