Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just in Case.......

(Having nothing at all to do with firearms or shooting...)

And everything to do with making a bad day just a little easier....

Some things have been added to the Old Fat Man's home recently, in preparation for another winter.   Last winter there were a few power outages, and these served to point out some deficiencies.  I'll be going over a few of those in the days to come, and sharing the answers I found.

One of these little issues..... cooking conveniently, and MORNING COFFEE.

To be honest, the cooking part is not a big deal.  Our wood stove serves nicely for most things that can be simply heated, or slow simmered.  Sadly, that is not the case for COFFEE, which needs to be perked over a fair steady supply of concentrated heat.

Towards that end, I fell back on something that mobile chefs know very well indeed..... a butane gas powered portable burner:GASONE Portable Gas Stove

This one, purchased on Amazon, fulfills the need very nicely indeed.  It's decent quality, easy to use, and the gas cartridges last quite a while.  One of these on the closet shelf with a dozen pack of cartridges will serve for weeks of daily cookery, let alone the occasional power outage.

The gas cartridges can be ordered on-line, or are available at every rental store and restaurant supply store, as well as most Hispanic and Asian markets.

To be considered..... the package is also portable, and very low signature.  No smoke, now fuss, no liquid fuels.  Just plug in the gas can, turn it on, and light it.  When done, pull the self-sealing gas can back out and pack it away.

Carteach now has one of these tucked away in the pantry, along with a supply of butane cans.  It's been used already to cook several meals, and works wonderfully as an extra burner when entertaining on the patio.  The reason chef's choose these things became evident the first time it was fired up. 

Coupled with a good percolator (To be discussed later), and a good water filter unit (To be discussed later), this thing equals that most treasured and necessary of luxuries... a good cup of decent quality coffee.

Carteach seal of approval.... I bought one, I own it, I use it, and I recommend it.  


drjim said...

I just ordered one, and a 12-pack of fuel.

Old NFO said...

Those are nice ones!

Carteach said...

I'm really quite pleased with mine.

There is a short list of items that make sheltering in place not only possible, but almost pleasant. Being able to heat food and make coffee is one of them.

Of importance, in so many scenarios I can imagine, is the idea of doing so while leaving no smoke signature. Many typical 'emergency' cooking sources cannot be used in the home, or shouldn't. This one is built for it, and works a treat.

drjim said...

This was "one of those things" I kept meaning to buy, but just never did until Mr Carteach showed it.
This is similar to the shovel and Tomahawk I saw over on wirecutter's blog. I'd needed those for quite a while to "Keep in the Jeep", but never bought them until I saw them on somebody's blog who I trust.
Thanks again, Carteach!

Peter said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered three, for myself and others.

Carteach said...

Given the storm warnings, the rain falling, and teh fact that the sun seems to have failed to come up this morning....

I expect to be using mine often the next few days.

Coffee is already pre-ground :-)

Comrade Misfit said...

I have one like it. When the power went off following the October Blizzard of 2011, I used one to make some hot coffee for me and my neighbor. I cannot even begin to express how good that cup of coffee was on a cold n-heat morning.