Friday, December 21, 2012

A problem with my Rock River Arms National Match upper.......

What you see in the image above is what I see when I shoot my brand new National Match Rock River Arms.  It begins to chamber, and then stops dead, out of battery.  The cartridge has obviously not centered on the bolt face properly, so it cannot chamber and the bolt cannot lock home.  This happens about every 4th or 5th round.

Now, the image above shows what I believe is the cause.  The ejector is sharp shouldered, and extends MUCH farther than the one on the Bravo Company bolt shown alongside it.  Swapping the bolts eliminates the issue in the rifle.

It now falls to a phone call to RRA to see how this will be handled. I can fix it myself, or I can send it back to them.  We shall see, and I shall report.



Mike said...

Is it me or does the RRA ejector look larger too?

ZerCool said...

In my opinion ... I'd find a new bolt to drop in there and keep as a spare, then send the screwy one back to RRA; who knows how long it'll take them to get a repair/replacement back to you at this point.

Roger said...

Jeez Art, just push the ejector in a little, push out the retaining pin & replace the ejector from the one in your AR spare parts kit. - - - - -You do have a spare parts kit dont'cha? Or at worst, take the extended ejector to your friendly local grinder & shorten it a bit, then radius its end with your stone.
You'll be up n running in less than 15 minutes.
In the event that the retaining pin's location is too far forward, then you get to send the bolt back to RR for replacement.
My gut feeling is that RR is snowed under with orders and customers screaming for new guns that they'll be hard pressed to deal with a little problem in a timely manner.
As always, YMMV.

Old NFO said...

Yep, I'd say THAT is the problem. And I'd bet sending them back.

dagamore said...

the spiring on the ejector might be just a bit too strong, it might just be a simple fix as swapping the springs.

AM said...

If it doesn't void your warranty, fix it yourself.

Hartley said...

Well, Artm if you didn't already have a spare bolt, now you know why you should..:-) Not to mention a bag with all the usual small bits, just in case.
Replacing the ejector is one of the funner projects, btw, assuming you don't have the bolt jig tool (at least it is for me, with my fat fingers). A small bench vise makes it MUCH easier.

ASM826 said...

Will it run with the Bravo Co. bolt assembly? I'd swap them and try it.

If so, will it run with the Bravo Co. bolt?

Also, +1 for swapping out the ejector with a spare.

If testing confirms the hypothesis, then some careful modification to the ejector is in order.

Considering what I have personally seen as well as what I have been reading about, sending the gun back right would be a non-starter for me. Every AR manufacturer must be wading through the piles of orders to get to the coffee pot.