Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beginning the test... DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster

The Fat Man has a few pistols designed for pocket carry, but till now never really used a holster to do same.  They just got slid into pants/jacket/vest pocket and away we went.

Today begins the Carteach testing of the DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster.  In fact, it's loaded up and in my pocket as this is typed, and shall be all day.  After that, daily use in various formats as I explore it's quality and usefulness.

Mine was NOT given by DeSantis as a T+E unit, but purchased from 
DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster

As typical on this shooting blog,  I test and report as honestly as I can.... you decide from there on.  So far, first impressions wise....   I like it.  The Nemesis holds the pistol surprisingly securely, and is made of materials such that it tends to stick in the pocket, allowing a clean draw.  Re-holstering is much easier than I expected, and so far remains a one handed job while the holster is left in the pocket. 

The holster is designed to do two important functions.  One, and most important for me, it keeps the pistol properly oriented for a no-snag draw.  Two, and a feature probably important to many, the holster breaks up the 'GUN!' outline on the wearers clothing typical of pocket carry.

Today I wear the holster in a pants pocket, but have already tested it in both vest and jacket pockets as well.  In each case it performed it's job without fuss or headache.... so far.

Stay tuned.  I'll report back in a month or two, and give notice whether the Nemesis holster will remain in service, or be just another addition to the 'Big Box 'O Holsters' every shooter seems to have.


Old NFO said...

I've used Nemesis holstera for a number of years and i like them!

Ryan said...

Is the whole outside surface made of that clingy (to your pocket) material?

I will follow this thread as it seems like a good holster at a reasonable cost.

Carteach said...


Yes, seems to be. I didn't register it as such till it was in my pocket and the pistol drawn. It doesn't really feel 'sticky', till it's inside a pocket and one realizes the holster stays in place well. It's hard to describe, but works quite well.

Anonymous said...

The Nemesis is good, but DeSantis also makes one with a "stickier" rubber outside called the SuperFly. I switched over to that a couple of years ago for my PM9 and love it.

Carteach, you left out one important function of a pocket holster. It keeps the trigger covered with something more firm than the fabric of your pants. Makes it that you can move the gun to/from your pocket from wherever you keep it (nightstand, safe, etc) with the trigger covered. All this gives added measure of comfort, especially useful as my wife was getting used to the idea of me carrying 24x7 years and years ago.

45er said...

The Nemesis is a good holster. I carried in one for quite some time. Word of caution; be very careful what clothing you choose to carry it IN. Stick to sturdier denim and canvas type material (think cargo shorts). Steer clear of anything "floppy" like workout pants or anything like that. When you sit, these will allow the holster to be pushed up and back allowing a potentially embarrassing situation. When used properly, it's a great holster.

MikeS said...

I've carried pocket revolvers since 1976, and have trieed several types of pocket holsters. You owe it to yourself to try Rusty Sherrick's leather pocket rig ( It is astoundingly comfortable and much cooler than synthetic rigs in hot weather. It stays in the pocket during draws, and wears like iron. His is the best I've ever seen.

Ed Goodwin said...

I carry that same holster with a S&W 442.

Crucis said...

I've owned the Desantis pocket holster but switched to the Bianchi version that looks similar. I found the DeSantis wouldn't stay in my pocket during the draw and my snubbie stuck in the holster. The Bianchi model had a different outer texture and remained in my jeans pocket much better than the Desantis holster.

Just my $0.02.

Anonymous said...

I notice you wearing 5.11 pants, have you worn the holster in the big slash back pockets and, if so, how dows it work?


Carteach said...

Those pants are likely Blackhawk, but very close.

No, I haven't tried the back pocket. In my work I am constantly in and out of vehicles, and drive a lot. I learned a lifetime ago that anything in my back pocket would (a) damage seats and (b) damage my back eventually. Sitting with a lump under your hip for a period of time can do amazingly bad things to ones back.