Friday, August 31, 2012

A visual tour: Rock River Arms national match upper


Carteach LOVES him a finely made piece of equipment.......

Stainless 1:8 barrel, NM carry handle with 1/4 moa NM sight and .030" aperture.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to say thanks...

To all you folks who take the time to stop in and read here, my heartfelt thanks. I know the free ice cream has dropped to a trickle, and I lay that directly at the feat of my work schedule. Still, over a thousand people a day drop in here... I suppose just to check and see if I'm alive. How can I not be overwhelmed by that?

A life change led me to my current employ, and left so few hours to enjoy writing here on the blog. On the other hand, life changes happen more than once.... and perhaps another is coming down the road.

On another note, thanks also to all those who click through the ads or buy through Amazon links here on the blog. Those pennies add up, and are very much appreciated.

Monday, August 27, 2012

How many knives must one own?

Apparently, One More.....

Hey... the Kershaw Speed Safe knives are pretty good pocket carry tools, as judged by the several I already own. At $24.95.... I think I should own a few more. Christmas is coming you know, and I have sons.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Passing on an announcement from the good folks at Brownells....

Folks, Carteach was a customer of Brownells for years, and found them to be as good a company to deal as could possibly be found. They have been a friend to the shooting family for a long, long time. When they announce taking on a whole new area of the genre, I sit up and take notice.

As shared by Larry Weeks of Brownells:

Brownells Launches a Large Selection of High-Quality, Popular Reloading Supplies

Brownells – The World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Accessories and Gunsmithing Tools™ - is excited to announce that it now offers an expansive line of reloading supplies from the most reputable brands on the market today – all backed by Brownells industry-exclusive, unconditional lifetime guarantee.

The new Brownells Reloading line features dies, presses and tools from RCBS, Lee Precision, Lyman, Redding, Sinclair International, and many more. In addition to stocking a wide-array of equipment, the offerings also include components from major manufacturers including Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, Hodgdon, Remington, Winchester, and others.

"We are excited to launch our new reloading category," said Pete Brownell, President/CEO of Brownells. "Much like the addition of our ammunition line last year, the 'You asked, we listened' philosophy played a major part in our decision. We found that many of our customers enjoy reloading and find it to be a cost saver, so we're happy to provide them with the supplies they want."

As a part of the Brownells Reloading official launch, customers are encouraged to take advantage of a reloading-specific, limited-time offer that allows them to receive a $10 discount on orders totaling more than $99, a $20 discount on orders totaling more than $199, or a $30 discount on orders totaling more than $299. These offers are valid Thursday, August 16, 2012 through Monday, August 20, 2012.

Founded in 1939, Brownells is an Iowa-based, family-owned company that supplies more than 75,000 firearms parts, accessories, reloading components, gunsmithing tools, and ammunition to armorers, gunsmiths, and shooters worldwide. In addition to their industry leading 100% lifetime guarantee on EVERY product sold, their staff of veteran Gun Techs are available to assist customers with any need – free of charge. There are no minimum order sizes or fees. To place an order, or for more information, call 800-741-0015 or visit

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Looking at case stretch in an elderly 8mm Mauser...


Recently I decapped and polished 110 cases for my 8x57mm Turkish Mauser. This is one of the rifles I shoot in the high power match, and these are my match cases for it.

This is not virgin brass..... far from it.

It's so far from virgin that I'd have to wash my mouth with soap just describing their level of 'experience'. They are headstamped MM 7.92 42, and that makes them of Canadian manufacture from 1942. Yes...
I said 1942.

I shoot 70 year old cases in my 60 year old match rifle. Get over it. I'm cheap.

The thing is... on examining the cases as they came from the polisher, one had a blemish going around the circumference of the case. That is one possible sign of an incipient case head rupture, and has to be taken very seriously.

I sacrificed one of the cases to the diamond saw, and sectioned it for examination of the case walls. I was shocked to find the brass shows absolutely no sign of stretching at all. This after being fired from the original military loading and another six or seven of my match loads which involved a case overstuffed with IMR 4350.

I attribute this to neck sizing almost every time, with one full length thrown in at the start. A bout of annealing didn't hurt either.

On another note, for polisher media I tried something new. Solid plastic pellets made for rock tumbling and polishing. Maybe a sixteenth of an inch around, with a seam that's slightly rough. I gave them a spritz of Ballistol before the polish session, and the cases were mirror clean in an hour or so.

What makes the plastic pellets so special as a media..... when it gets dirty I'll be able to rinse them in hot soapy water, dry them in the sun, and keep right on using them with no end in sight. That makes them cheap....

Remember.... Carteach is cheap. (g)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New resource for shooters....

Gun Laws By State

Carteach has looked over this peice of work, and likes it so much he made it a permanent sidebar link. The information is as good as any I've seen in one spot, and darned easy to use.

The website is free to use, a real nice touch. If you want it in book form (Paper or electronic) they have it available for a reasonable fee.

I have it bookmarked myself, and intend to order a hardbound copy to keep in my car. I can see where this will come in very handy indeed while traveling these United States.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Firing an AR with the muzzle blocked.....


My friends, stuff happens. If you ride a motorcycle long enough, eventually you will go down. If you work a chef's knife on a board long enough, eventually you will get cut.

Well, if you shoot long enough.... eventually something will go not-right. Usually, almost always, it will involve a slip in concentration and a stupid mistake.

As shocking as it may be, Carteach is not immune. After a lifetime of shooting, a slip in concentration led to a serious whoops... and a severely damaged rifle.

There was no one else at fault, and no one else to blame. This one was all me... and it was dumb. Nothing malfunctioned outside my own brain. Luckily, no one was hurt. In fact, not a single person at the range even noticed the issue but me.

I fired my AR-15 with a foreign object in the bore.

What it was does not matter. How I came to be so stupid, doesn't matter. The series of mistakes I made in procedure leading up the event are of importance only to me. It happened, and I own it.

The Colt upper took the event in stride like it was nothing, but the barrel suffered the damage seen in the image above. The 62 grain bullet upset in the bore on striking the object, and the immense pressure swelled the barrel right at the point where the factory muzzle brake was screwed on and tack welded in place.

I realized the instant it touched off that I had screwed up on a whole new level, and suspected my entire upper unit might be a write off. While not another soul on the crowded ranged had a clue there was anything untoward happening, they may have wondered at my field stripping the rifle right at the shooting bench.

Then again, the folks there are used to me doing unusual things. They hardly even look twice anymore.

I cleared a chunk of bullet jacket from the brake area, and ascertained the bore was clear and straight. Hoping against hope the rifle had escaped injury from my stupidity.... I tried a few more rounds. Sadly, the 100 backstop had become an unobtainable goal. The rifle which held two inch groups with open sights could no longer reliably hit even the target backer.

I packed it up and took it home.

The upshot, I had damaged the end of the barrel quite badly. Not so terribly that it couldn't be cut down, but enough to render it useless without surgery.

After machining, the undamaged part of the barrel measured just over a legal 16" by using the ATF's own method, and that was enough. The rifle now sports a snazzy new look, and if anything shoots better than it ever did before.

Friends.... fellow shooters.... a word of advice from someone who just looked over the edge into that abyss. If you are working on a weapon, keep live ammo FAR FAR away from the area.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gun Rights Policy Conference.....

The Fat Man's life might leave little time right now for shooty fun, but some things are too important to let pass. I expect to be making the trek down to Orlando in September for the GRPC conference. Time off is arranged (unpaid), a place to stay is arranged, and meeting up with a few interesting people is definitely in the work. Look here for reports and updates as available.

Will you be there?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Life has once again intruded, and denies me time and energy to blog with any quality.
In lieu of content from yours truly, here is a link to the Brownells AR15 Catalog.... a place that has certainly occupied some of my very few spare moments lately.