Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And in other news..... Dragon Leatherworks is doing gunbelts!

Dennis Badurino  (Dragon Leatherworks) has been stepping up the bar in custom carry holsters for several years now.   His work is nothing short of outstanding.... which may explain why Carteach fell all over hisself saying yes when Dennis asked for beta-testers on a new gun belt he's cooked up.  I didn't know what was in store, but hey... no way it could be bad!

It arrived today, and here are The Fat Man's first impressions:

   Holy Crap!  How the heck did he do that?!?

Like I said, first impressions and no images yet, but it will get it's first wearing tonight as I carry my trusty G-30 for the evening.  The belt is.... um...... stiff.  Stiff as in Denis managed to double up the leather for most of the belts length, giving a platform which I doubt any pistol in the world will drag down.

To be honest..... you could tow trucks with this thing!  This is not a sissy wannabe gun belt, but a serious piece of carry gear.

There will be a real review of the new Dragon Leatherworks gun belt in a week or two, after I have worn it all day and every day.  First blush?  I may never go back to a 'Tactical' belt again.

(On a more personal note, I may have been a bit 'off' when I gave my belt measurements.  Luckily, I was planning on losing a few pounds in the near future anyway...)

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Old NFO said...

Yep, Dennis does QUALITY! :-)