Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dragon Leatherworks Gunbelt.....

A short while back, Dennis Badurino of Dragon Leatherworks sent out a new product to some folks for review and comment.  The item is a gun belt, and yours truly is lucky enough to be one the reviewers.  That said, lets get this out of the way right now..... I got a free belt here.  There is no trade off.... no guarantee of a good review... just a 'Here's this thing.  Whatcha think of it?"

One more thing to say...... Dennis, you ain't getting this back.  Send me a bill, I don't care, but I am KEEPING this belt. 

Now, lets talk about this hunk of cowhide that Dragon Leatherworks is foisting off on an unsuspecting public.

I wore a leather belt from birth till about four years back.  The store bought junk proved a waste of time, especially when I began carrying a weapon for self defense.   Long ago, I learned the value of buying a belt from a Leatherworker, and not from a department store.  Thus, I gave my custom to 'The Belt Guy' who sold from a booth in a market.  He quite literally measured you, and then made a belt while you wandered around a while.  I paid a.... significant.... price for this, as quality does not come cheap.  I also waited in line, as other hard working men knew the exact same thing.

But..... even that wasn't good enough some days.  The belt just didn't have enough support, and eventually the holster would swivel and move, or hang wrong.  That's what pushed me towards the synthetic 'Tactical' belts sold by folks like Blackhawk and 511.  It's a BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger's Belt  which I have been wearing for some years now, and entirely satisfied I have been.

All that.... to arrive at this:  Dennis has pulled off something quite unique and impressive with this gun belt.  It's built of doubled leather, and I suppose there is a band of magical unicorn hide sewn in there someplace, as I have never.... ever..... seen a belt like this.

To be blunt, it's bloody stiff.  To put the belt on, it must be fed through the loops in a circular manner, following the body contour.  Carteach hasn't a clue how Dragon Leatherworks managed to build a belt like already shaped to fit a body.  It's so stiff, that if it's left in the pants when taking them off.... they stay open and bloody darn near stand up by themselves.  It's downright spooky to see.

As for holster carry, I've worn this belt every waking hour for days now, almost always with a Galco Jak Slide Holster and either a G-30 or a Combat Commander installed.   The holster stays perfectly, exactly, unconditionally... right where I put it.  Even with the heavy all steel Colt holstered, it felt as if the pistol was glued to my side all the day is long.

 As much as I truly like the Blackhawk CQB Riggers belt, it does fairly well scream 'Tactical'. and some of my non-shooty friends have made note, although they do seem to like the belt.  The Dragon Leatherworks belt, on the other hand, screams "High Quality Hand Made Leather" and would look quite at home in any board room, or squad room.

Folks.... It aint'nt cheap.... but no serious quality piece of carry gear is.  Dennis pulled off a good'un with this belt.  Two thumbs up from Carteach.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, he does excellent work! Good report too!