Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well.... THIS should be interesting..... (Personal note)

Yours truly has now joined the swelling ranks of the unemployed.   

With luck.... this means the Carteach0 shooting blog will get some badly needed attention now!

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Crucis said...

I hear ya. Happened to me three years ago. Fortunately, I was old enough to take early retirement.

Still wasn't what I wanted but then we don't always get what we want.

drjim said...


Sorry to hear about it.

I was off for 17 months from my last gig until the place came out of Chapter 11. The new owners called me back, and hopefully I'll be able to hang on this time until I can retire.

Nate said...

Bummer about the work loss. I'm on my 2nd layoff in 3 years from .gov support contract work. 20 months the first time, since September this time. I can tell you those of us on the high side of 50 have a very tough time finding new work.

drjim said...

I hear you, Nate!

I was working for myself before my former employer called me back. I was just about at "V1", and was seriously considering turning them down, but I kinda-sorta let my wife talk me into going back.

The frustrating thing is they're NOT holding up their end of the bargain as far as what they told us the at-sea 'bonus' pay would be, and we're getting less than half of what they promised.

I'm seriously looking at "retiring" from here in August and working for myself again. If they really need me, they can bring me back as a contractor.

Wilson said...

Sorry to hear it, we'll do.