Thursday, February 28, 2013

A quick story from the range.... make you smile, it will.

Just a little while back, Carteach was at the range doing the shooting for the 7.62x54 comparison.   He wasn't alone.  The day was nice despite the bone chilling Winter wind, and other folks were using the club range that day.

So, I'm doing my data gathering and just having a happy time shooting the Mosin goodness.  A few benches down, a father and son are shooting .22's and enjoying themselves as well.  As happens, we exchanged greetings and compliments of the day... and I asked if the youngen would like to shoot the Chinese Type 53 carbine he'd been admiring, using the low recoil Czech training ammo (about like shooting a .22 magnum).

"It has a bayonet mounted right on it, dad! "

Dad was amenable, but the boy (maybe 10?) was really torn up over it.  He wanted  it in the worst way, but was frightened at the thought of the recoil from the iron buttplated beastie.  Hemming and hawing commenced, and it was obvious he was right in the middle between demon recoil and shooty happiness...... and no way out in sight.

Then I recalled something Todd Jarret had done with my girl friend, a training trick I filed away as brilliant.

I had the boy place his open hand on my shoulder, palm cupping the buttplate of the rifle as I brought it into the pocket.  That way he could feel for himself how much recoil it had, while not bearing any of it.

I fired the Type 53 with that Czech training ammo, and before the muzzle blast stopped reverberating from the tree line the young man announced "I'M SHOOTING THAT!!"

Less than two minutes later, as the boy was jacking another round into the chamber, he looked up at dad and said "I WANT ONE!!", and then he fired again, nailing the fifty yard target cleanly.

The Fat Man is still chuckling over that....


That Guy said...

This is why we win. Shooting is fun and cool.

.45ACP+P said...

Moments like that happen at the range all the time. I remain convinced, shooters are the best people in the world. "Wow! What is that?" "It's a XXXYYYZZZ, want to try it?" is a conversation heard at ranges all over the country.

Earl said...

Range time done properly - does the shooters good.

drjim said...

Ya done good, Carteach!

Rabbit said...

That's a win. I'd say my stepsons have shot my M44 more than I have by a factor of 10, and they're not nearly as into rifles as I want them to be. They do like recoil, though.

lee n. field said...

The boy is hooked.