Saturday, February 2, 2013

Appleseed, February 16th and 17th

Carteach will be volunteering at the Appleseed clinic in Manheim, Pennsylvania on February 16th and 17th.    If by chance any friends from the interwebs are attending, please look me up and say Hi!

Thinking about coming out to an Appleseed clinic?   Stop thinking about it..... just do it.  It's worth every minute.  The people are finest kind, and the experience is invaluable.  The rifleman skills alone are worth the time, even to a lifelong shooter.

I've said in the past.... when (if) I retire, I'll be honored to help out at every Appleseed shoot I can. Well, as a newly unemployed individual, this is as close to retirement as I'll see anytime soon, and The Fat Man is going to take advantage of it.  That means signing up to help out when I can.

This trip, I'll be taking along a few spare .22 rifles and ammo to loan, just in case.  Also, the first aid kit I put together a while back, extra food, water, chairs, a six pack of gloves to loan out, and if all works out as planned...... a really BIG propane heater to snuggle up to between rounds.


Kris said...

Good on you sir. I Shoot Bossed our first of the year in Bellevue MI a couple of weekends ago...our Riflemen EARNED their Winterseed patches that weekend.

Keep it up. Best people on earth. Grab a bucket and keep bailing to keep this country from sinking further.

Old NFO said...

Thanks for stepping up Carteach! Enjoy!!!

Roger said...

My club is hosting an Appleseed event on April 6 & 7th, near Fort Lauderdale FL. A great opportunity for local folks to get high quality rifle training.

drjim said...

God bless you, sir!