Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Identify that ammo, and win a prize....

Presented for your edification and pleasure.... a simple contest.  The first three people who can correctly identify this Mil-Surp ammunition (All five cartridges) will win a Tuf Cloth weapons cleaning cloth. We are looking for for year, make, and model here.

No tricks... no gimmicks.... just put your answer in the comments section and cite your source, and Carteach will let the winners know.  It's that easy!

Clicken on the images to embiggun.


Murphy's Law said...

These are all 7.62x54R cartridges.

1. Bulgaria.

2. Czechoslovakia

3. Poland.

4. Hungary.

5. China.

That Guy said...


Carteach said...



Ted Riedel said...

Look like all of them are 7.62x54R.

Carteach said...

Year, make, model?

Old NFO said...

I'll defer to Murph...

Dave said...

All 7.62x54R
From http://7.62x54r.net/MosinID
1. 1954 Bulgarian
2. 1965 Czech
3. 1979 Hungarian
4. 1988 Hungarian
5. 1971 Bulgarian

Carteach said...

Dave.... so close. If no one nails it perfectly, you will win instead.

Expedialogue said...

I am betting number 3 is 1979 Polish then. Like Hungarian it has a 21 head stamp, so the date being upside down in relation to the factory code is the key.

AM said...

•Bulgarian 148 grain light ball made in 1954, head stamped 10-54
•Bulgarian 148 grain light ball made in 1971, head stamped 10-71 (silver tip)
•Polish 148 grain light ball made in 1979, head stamped 21-79
•Hungarian 182 grain heavy ball made 1988, head stamped 21-88
•Czech 46 grain hollow core training ammo made in 1965, head stamped BXN-65

Source, Carteach0, from your previous blog post.

Carteach said...

AM, that is right... of course.... unless I am wrong myself, and I could be.

So, AM, Dave, and Exepdialogue, I declare you the winners! Dave and Exp together put together a complete answer.

Murphy, I can't for the life of me figure out how you called #5 to be Chinese, and I'd like to know. In any case, you win as well, since you answered the quickest and were 80% correct.

Okay folks.... hit up my profile, grab my e-mail, and send me your address's! I'll get those Tuf Cloth prizes in the mail ASAP.

Dan F said...

China does have a Factory 71, and copper-washed cases.. but of course, the 71 would be on the top..