Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Putting together 30-06 ammo......

Today I put together another 15 rounds for accuracy testing in the Garand and Springfield.  After the loads exceptionally good performance in the Mauser, the obvious next step is to try duplicating the results in the other two rifles.

The Hornady 168 grain BTHP bullet in front of 46.0 grains of IMR 4895 really brought out the magic in that old Mauser, as far as accuracy is concerned.  Maximum power and velocity are not the goal here.... accuracy is.  Now that the Mauser has shown it's clear preference, it's time to do the same test in the other two 30-06 rifles.

Up front here.... another little test.    I've heard that two groove 03-A3's are good shooters with cast lead bullets, and I intend to explore that theory in my own rifle.

The cast bullets shown are something I poured a few years back to shoot in a 30-30 Savage bolt action.   160 grain gas check bullets, loaded over 12 grains of Unique.

Why bother with cast lead?  Well.... first and foremost.... because I can.  There is something very special indeed in having a rifle shoot well with ammunition one has built from the ground up.  Casting the bullet is just one more step.

Need more reason?  How about..... I can make my own bullets, as many as I want, anytime I want.  How's that for a good reason?  Also.... with a small charge of fast powder like Unique, there are a LOT of loads in a single pound of powder.  Given today's market, a man willing to cast and load his own can get his shooting costs down below the price of rimfire ammo!



Anonymous said...

Hope everything is good with you. How hard and how much would it cost to recreate the 3006 hand loads from scratch? Thinking of making things cheaper.
Alex vepr

AZRon said...

I love IMR4895. I love cast bullets, and I love the aught six, even though my prewar model 70 Super Grade is stamped ".30 Gov't". I applaud your efforts regarding this test.

To be clear, 12 grs. of Unique will yield 583 and 1/3rd rounds per pound. Casting your own bullets makes for some damn fine, and cheap shooting.