Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just a magnetic personality........ and some thoughts on hiding a weapon close to hand.

So... when I was a kid, my buddy (both of us were shooters) mentioned his dad kept a .357 under his mattress.  Being kids, we had to go look.  This involved lifting the corner of the mattress and just looking... NEVER touching..... Oh My God.  That was unthinkable.

More to the point, keeping a weapon close to hand during the night was something just understood by everyone I knew at that age.  Whether it be a handgun in a nightstand, a shotgun just inside the closet, or a S&W under the mattress like my buddies dad, pretty much everyone had a weapon nearby in case something went KaBump in the night.

True to my upbringing, I've been steadfastly that way myself since the first .22 came into my boyhood life.  The only thing that's changed are the weapons themselves, and how much more careful I am about where I keep them.

The idea I'll show here is not one for people with immature folks in the house.  Be they children, or just those who forgot to grow up, weapons need to be kept from those without judgement enough to be responsible and safe.

That said, there's ways, and then there's ways.....  and here's one of them.

Setting up a new bedroom, and bed, in our home, I was thinking of exactly what and how I wanted to keep there.  The room is minimalist, and will stay that way.  Being so, anything extra would simply stick out like a sore thumb.  There are only a couple logical places to keep a weapon, and one of them is the tried and true "Under The Bed".

The thing is, with the room design and the bed design, the firearm could not go between mattress and box spring, as this bed does not have both.  With the polished wooden floors, simply putting something under the bed isn't going to work either.

Whatever I decided to put there.... it needed to be mounted under the bed, and attached to it.  That left a number of options, and I settled on what might be the most versatile one.

I ordered up a Flat Magnet from Amazon, for dirt cheap.  (PLEASE NOTE:  If you order from that link, you get ONE magnet, not two as shown!) Able to support way more weight than I needed, it offered a very comfortable margin of strength for this job.

With the magnet mounted to a small wooden board, it went between mattress and metal platform, giving me a 3" round high strength magnet mounted under the bed from which I could hang any blessed thing I please.

While it's strong enough to hold a riot gun all by it's lonesome, stability would require two magnets.   At this time, I stayed with just the one, which will nicely hold almost any pistol I own. The Ruger with a stainless slide and alloy frame, that one is a bit sketchy, but just about everything else clamps on beautifully.

While there are manufactures out there making magnetic units designed specifically for mounting out of sight and holding a handgun, they can get rather pricey.

The magnet I used here is less than $10, and careful shopping can beat that price too. Designed to be mounted by way of a bolt hole drilled in the center, they can literally be put wherever imagination suggests.  Held on by bolt, screw, or even double sided mounting tape, the magnet can be attached almost anyplace out of sight that a person can reach.

Under a desk, behind a cabinet, on the inside of a closet door or inside the closet over the door.  Under a bed, behind a head board, or maybe the back of a sock drawer.

Some care should be taken to protect the firearms finish, but this can be as easy as a 4" square of wax paper between magnet and firearm.

Obviously, if small children are in the home or come to visit, the weapon should be retrieved and locked up.  

As for me, I think I'm going to order another eight or ten of these, and get creative......


Anonymous said...

A layer of "dip in" or "brush on" plastic tool handle coat would protect the gun finish. I'll have to get a couple different size magnets and try coating them to see what works best. I suspect the slick, polished surface on the magnet(s) you linked to might result in separation if brushed on.

Carteach said...

The slick chromed steel side pictured is not the magnet side. The working face is rough enough that some padding is a good idea to protect the firearms finish. I choose bit a suede leather.

Anonymous said...

Got any old hard drives laying around? Take one apart and you'll find a rare earth magnet in there that will work for this too. Most even have some type of mounting hole already there.

Mick said...

Three words: old speaker magnet.