Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Labeling for hand loaders..... cheap, easy, lifesaving.

Reloaders label stuff.  Or... they should.  In fact, they should label just about everything they have, once it's not in it's factory container.  It's more than just important.... it's a life saver.

Long ago, I used to make paper labels on the computer and glue them on boxes.  It was so much neater than the 'Masking tape and a marker' method, and made it easier to be accurate.  That said, it was cumbersome and time consuming, and led to many things not getting labeled as they should.

Eventually, I was given a real honest to God Brother Label Machine .... which turned out to be something any OCD individuals such as myself should definitely have. My first official act was to label the givers dog..... with 'DOG', naturally.

No... I'm serious.  I labeled the dog.  Someone had to do it. Otherwise, it might have been mistaken for a large rat.  It was a pretty small dog.

In regards to reloading, a gadget such as this has become necessary.  Not only to label boxes or packages of ammo, but also tools and supplies.  Handloaders tend to become gadgeteers, and often create their own tools.  I'm no stranger to that, and have bullet seating dies that I've modified for my own cast lead bullets.  They are useless now for normal jacketed bullets.  So.... one will reside in a case that's been labeled such as '8x57mm cast seating die'.  Likewise Speer bullet boxes now retasked to holding shell holders and cleaning brushes.

As I put together my own loads, each is boxed or bagged and then labeled, as the label maker resides on a shelf directly over my bench.  Costing only a few pennies per label, one of these stuck on a ziplock food bag becomes a great way to keep a short run under control. No more do I stumble across a stray dozen rounds of 30-06, with no idea what I put in them.

With my cased loads, the label goes on the inside of the box. Included are caliber, bullet, powder and charge, and primer.  On loads destined to fill an ammo can, the can itself gets a label making clear what's inside.  Bullet boxes.... whenever the contents differ from standard, it gets a label.  The same with powder.

For less than $20, having the ability to clearly and easily label ammo, supplies, and tools... that's priceless!


drjim said...

The *only* thing bad about the P-Touch label makers is the price of the tapes.

Otherwise, I give 'em a "Five Star" rating!

Weetabix said...

Did you put a label on the bottom of the label maker that says, "Label maker"? /Sheldon

Carteach said...

Lolololol...... I should. ...