Sunday, May 19, 2013

It was a good day......

This afternoon found The Fat Man at his club, competing in a military rifle match.  50 rounds at 100 yards on the standard NRA reduced range high power targets.  50 shots, worth 500 points total.  50 opportunities to put into action all the skills learned at Appleseed, 50 chances to succeed, and 50 chances to fail.

Shooting the 03-A3 with my own handloads using old military pulled bullets, I managed a 417/500 2X, a personal best score.  For the first time ever, every shot I fired scored. 

Every shooter who bested me (3 out of 20) were highly experienced competitors whose skills are built on years of practice and training.

The lesson to come away with...... this can be done.   Practice, learn, teach, and practice some more.  I can be better.