Monday, May 13, 2013

Shooting drills....

Burned up about 150 rounds this morning doing Mozambique drills.  Both my regular carry G-30 and the newish S&W model 10 with it's freshly installed Hogue combat grip got involved.

These are what I call 40 footers.... all shot between 40 and 50 feet, usually with some movement tossed in just to keep it interesting.  I found some bad trigger habits had crept in over the last few months, and therefor concentrated on that aspect of the shooting.

I like my carry pistol..... 11 rounds of hot .45 acp in a small, accurate, and dependable package that I can carry all day comfortably..... what's not to like?   That said, it almost feels a little wrong to say the S&W model 10 with the Hogue grip is quite a bit easier to shoot well.  It points naturally, and the .38 special is very, very controllable even with my typical +P loads.

Was a good morning on the range......

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