Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"So... what's with the Amazon links and such shenanigans?"

Astute readers, and that means everyone who spends time here, will have noticed the abundance of Amazon.com  links in the written blatherings of Carteach recently.

What is up with that, you may ask......

Currently Carteach is more like 'Nobodyteach', and is enjoying a semi-retirement-type unemployed situation.  I say 'semi' as I fully expect something will come along that attracts my passion, and then it will be full bore again.  Till that happens, I have more time for other enjoyments, including everything shooty I can manage.

But.... why the Amazon.com links?  Two reasons:  (1)  I shop there myself, and find it the easiest way to help people find the stuff I am writing about, and (2) they kick a few percent of the sales back into my account, letting me buy some toys my otherwise brokeitude would not allow.

That extra bit of income, small as it is, is most welcome and greatly appreciated. For those gentle readers who chose to make purchases through the links here, my thanks go out to you.  You've done me a solid, and I appreciate it.

Sadly, Amazon.com does not sell ammo, bourbon, or cigars..... sigh.  They do sell coffee, and food, and both have been carried to my door by the unflagging UPS driver.  That's pretty handy, that is.



Old NFO said...

Understood and nothing wrong with that!

Peter said...

You're not what I'd call an "Amazon whore" by any means. You restrict your Amazon links to one or two per post, and not in all posts. That works fine for me. What I object to are those people who load up their blogs with references to products, links to Amazon, sidebar images of products with a link, and so on. That makes me feel like I'm trying to read a storefront rather than a blog!