Saturday, May 11, 2013

Streamlight TLR-1 HL update..... 100 more double taps downrange

Updating the review recently posted on the TLR-1 High Lumen weapon light......

Another 100 double taps have gone down range, practicing light activation along with double/single action shooting sequences.  The PT809 performed flawlessly so far, as did the light.  The added forward weight makes the pistol a little more controllable on rapid fire, and the light-saber-blaster functions fine under recoil.

One thing did surface though; A slight tendency for the rail clamp screw to back off if it's only finger tightened.  Snugging with a coin (it's slotted for such) removed that minor offense instantly.

Spending some time around the home with this pistol/light combination (Unloaded of course), I was looking for evidence that perhaps the light is just too bright.  Purposefully hitting a gloss white door with a light blast, I'll say the reflection was a serious hit to the eyes.  That said, it was not dehabilitating.

 More to the point, hitting myself full throttle via a mirror, I can say that being on the receiving end of 630 lumens is BLINDING.  It totally washed my optics from focusing on the area, and five minutes later my eyes were just returning to normal.

I have to vote for the light, as it's shear massive output and how that can effect an attacker outweighs the possibility of damaging ones own night vision (Lets face it.... firing most pistols indoors in the dark is going to result in a muzzle flash anyway).  Heck, even getting a hit with the TLR-1 HL in full daylight can be blinding at close range.

Two points really stand out..... the ability to identify exactly what is making that bump in the night, and the ability to take away it's eyesight if needed. 

As a weapon light for this home defense pistol..... stellar performance.  Now I want several more to mount on rifle and shotgun.......

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Old NFO said...

That DOES bring up a good point Carteach- One needs to be aware of the locations of mirrors in the home and angles so that one doesn't inadvertently blind one's self if they are checking the house in the dark. Glad to hear everything is working correctly!