Thursday, May 23, 2013

That ammo can deal is back..... for the moment

Not sure long this deal will last.  The last time I brought this to the blog, you folks bought up hundreds of the things.

Plano Ammo Can (Field Box)

Once again, they are $10 off on a purchase of $50, with free shipping.  That means buy six, and you get about 15% off, with the $9.79 price as I write this.

I now have almost all my ammunition in these, and my primers as well.  They are just the right size to grab for a range session, without the weight of a big 50 cal can.

Not sure how long the deal will last.... buy them while you can!

Oh.... and here is a link to the silica moisture absorbing packs to toss in after you load the cans....
 Dry-Packs 3gm Cotton Silica Gel Packet, Pack of 20

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Don said...

Thanks! I needed something and I just never get around to pulling the trigger. I got ten plus the silica packs for less than $100. Not bad!

I currently feel a little bit stupid . . . last summer was a drought, and I put ammo in the basement. This summer is shaping up to be flash flood season, and the ammo in cardboard in the basement may be iffy now. In 2013, that's kind of like saying I shouldn't have kept the cash reserves in the wood stove.