Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yesterday was memorial day, and many folks posted glowing emotional appeals to appreciate the sacrifice of our people in uniform,

Well, I don't need a special day set aside to do that.  I just need days that end in 'Y'.  Sure, It's good to have a reminder, to keep that thought fresh in the mind.... but I think about Memorial day differently.  I think it should be a day to do something a little more concrete towards paying the debt.

One of the things I chose to do was post a review of Chris Kyle's new book on Monday, Memorial day.  Kyle is dead now, so my doing so didn't do him an ounce of good.  His wife, though, is still here, and it was for her that I posted the review.  Not that my tiny gesture mattered much, but maybe it will add in to a whole pile of 'gestures' and propel the book towards a profitable outcome.

Kyle carried more than his share of the load for all of us, and lending a small hand back in return is the least I can do.  It's a debt to be paid, and the balance is far from even.

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Jeff Clark said...

Well said sir.