Monday, November 25, 2013

Cardsharp folding knife...

  Please read this:

Based on my first purchases of this little credit card sized folding knife, I recommended it to my friends here.  Sadly, after purchasing another handful to give as gifts, I have discovered it to be a HIGHLY copied product.  Ordering them seems to be a crap shoot.  One may get a real Sinclair knife one time, and the same supplier will send a really cheap and fake knock off the next time.

My apologies folks.  I cannot recommend buying this product until, and if, the sellers manage to clean the fake crap out of the market.  I can see that 16 were bought after my recommendation.  If someone is unhappy with theirs, and Amazon does not give an immediate refund, send it to me and I will return what it cost you.  I just hate the idea I recommended something that turned out less than I suggested it is.


It's nice to have a holdout card sometimes.

It's a plastic folding widget that easily fits a wallet, like a credit card.  The blade appears to be surgical steel.  Thin, very sharp, and certainly not suitable for chopping down trees and such.  It will surely cut things one finds needful to cut, and easily shaved the hair from my arm.

Princess immediately confiscated this one as her own at first sight.   I had to order another for myself.  

The first real use?  Cutting a cargo strap that needed cutting.  A load needed to come off, and fast.  For some unknown reason (stupidity) I was without my regular pocket knife, but I recalled this widget hiding in my vest pocket. A few seconds later I laid the knife edge against the strap, and the bloody thing sliced in two like I had used a razor knife with a new blade.  I mean one slice, and the cargo strap became two cargo straps.... somewhat quicker than I could see it happening.

This be could be quite a handy thing to suddenly remember one has.... tucked away.


Shane W said...

Yep, cool little gadget! I ordered 3 after your first post. Two for the boys' stockings and one for me to play with. I haven't put it to real use yet but I really like it and plan on buying several more to spread around.

Anonymous said...

Did even see your review until after I had bought one for myself. Guess I will have to read your sight more often! I was lucky and did get the Sinclair version and like it quite a bit. Thank you for your reviews, it is obvious that quite a bit of work goes into them.