Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another new offering from Laserlyte.... and a fun one it is.

This is another product that Laserlyte has (foolishly?) placed in my hands for review. They seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

These are >laser activated indoor plinking cans...

The idea is, one uses any laser equipped training tool, or real weapon with a laser training aid installed, and shoots these cans.  Quietly.  In the house even, or an apartment, or the office I suppose.

They are about the size of a medium juice can, such as V8 comes in.  Each is powered by a 9v battery, and has a rod that springs out of the base of the can when activated, tipping the can over likes its been hit.  I have no idea how long the battery lasts, as I am still on the first one several weeks into nightly (laser) blasting sessions.

On the front of the can is a light sensitive patch about 1.5" around.  When the laser pulse hits that spot, the can.... just falls over.

A few points:
  • The laser target cans do not do well in strong light.  A brightly lit room (like sunlight) will have them constantly tripping. They need to be used in a somewhat darkened area.  That doesn't mean they just click merrily away half the day, for jimminies sake.  They DO have an off switch.
  • They are.... a might bit pricey.  I suppose, considering there is NOTHING like them on the market, that the price is relative only to the desire to own such neat toys.
  • Setting these up and allowing someone who has never seen them to take a shot always.... and I mean every single time..... results in laughter and happy-shooty times.  New shooters, experienced shooters, you name it.... everyone there instantly wants a turn.
  • The fact that any strong light will trip them allowed me to use them as reactive targets when practicing room sweeps with a light equipped pistol.  Flash on target equals target falling over.  That's pretty neat.
  • Weak hand / weak eye shooting with these is a blast. Is it fun?  Is it training?  I can't decide.... but I'm sure getting better at it.
Do I like them?  Yup.  Do my kids like them?  Yup.  Does Princess like them?  Yup.  Does the neighbor like them?  Yup.  Do the neighbor kids like them?  Yup.


Old NFO said...

At least they aren't boring... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

That looks like a great idea - and fun!

Carteach said...

They are a hoot to use while practicing draw with a laser equipped pistol. I'm finding my pistol-pointing skills seem to be sharpening a bit.