Thursday, January 2, 2014

AR sling suggestions please?

So.... the BBT of Happiness just brought me THIS:

(Which, btw, is a pretty serious little chunk of engineered steel for less than $8)

Now..... what single point sling do I want?    Suggestions from the intelligent folks who visit here would be deeply appreciated!

In answer to a readers questions........
It's a FrankenAR.  Here's the run down:
  • DPMS Preban lower, stock.
  • Colt SP-1 upper.
  • Heavy barrel trimmed at 16.1", with a target crown.
  • Bolt and carrier, Bravo Company M-16 unit.
  • Mako buttstock.
  • Magpul full length forearm.
  • Hogue grip.
  • Fenix 300 lumen light in a rail mount.


Carteach said...

Oh, and yes.... I know that's a preban DPMS lower. Someday maybe I'll replace it with a Spikes lower and sell the preban.... when I get the notion.

Murphy's Law said...

Not a fan of singe-points, myself, but if you want one, go with Blackhawk's Storm. Personally, I'd recommend Magpul's MS3, as it gives you two-point and single-point interchangibility. Nice set-up and simple. Larry Vickers is still offering his proprietary sling too, and it's good, but it's not single-point and you need to stay in practice with it.

long island mike said...

Go get a front swivel. Use Larry Vickers sling. I love it.

Peter said...

Try this one - only $6 and change at Amazon.

I bought a few to keep as spares. At that price, it doesn't matter if I break one!

Johnnyreb™ said...

Another vote for the (Vickers) VCAS. Although a bit on the spendy side, i'm using a RED swivel with a Burnsed socket when a single point is needed to keep the muzzle oriented downward. And although i'm using the padded sling, this is the setup:

Theother Ryan said...

I like the Vickers two point adjustable sling. Based on your question I'd go with the Magpul MS3, best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

I tried all sort of slings and sling combinations getting ready for Iraq. It really depends on how you intend to use them.

I prefer a sling that lets the weapon fall naturally hands free. A simple loop with a single point attachment where the buffer meets the lower is what I finally settled on. When I wore body armor, I could use a single strap as a sling hooked to a D-ring on my body armor.
In both cases, at the rest, the weapon would hang with the pistol grip at hand level. And be free to move and aim in all directions and from all positions. Metal snaps on both ends assists in quick release to enter vehicles or set it down.

I don't recommend brand names because in all cases, I needed to modify the slings that were available at the time to suit my needs.


Hartley said...

I, too like the Magpul MS series, as they can be either one- or two-point (for serious walkabout, 2-point is better for me). What I've found with either one, however, is that they fit & work better with the rear attachment point at the rear of the receiver (front of the stock) rather than the rear of the stock. This may, however, require some fiddling if you want an Appleseed sling hold..:-)