Thursday, January 23, 2014

DoubleTap impressions......

This unusual little pistol arrived for test and review, somewhat by surprise.  I'd spoken with someone about it, perhaps a year ago, and had simply forgotten it was on the horizon.   Now, I've had the opportunity to spend some time with it.... and can offer my impressions, for what they are worth.

The concept is simple indeed, although the execution is carried out on a rather high scale.  It's a two shot pocket pistol of considerable power.  That's it.  Set aside the impressive build quality and unique design, and that's what this boils down to.   

BANG..... BANG......  and a fair assurance it will do so every time.

I struggled for some time to come up with a comparison people would easily understand, and it struck this morning.   This pistol is to a snubby .38 revolver as a short 12 gauge pump gun would be to a sawed off double barrel.

There are a lot of people who swear by a plain-jane pump shotgun as a defensive weapon, just as theres a lot of folks who swear by the old fashioned .38 snubnose revolver as the epitome of dependable self defense carry.

But... there are some shooters who would rather rely on a fast and sure two rounds through the gaping maw of an imposing double barrel shotgun..... and there will certainly be some shooters who look on the DoubleTap in the same way.

Those two bloody great big holes look impressive as hell when seen from the front, and that's hard to argue.

Carrying the DoubleTap is no chore, given it's extreme light weight (13 ounces) and extreme thin build (just over .5 inches).  It all but vanishes in a pocket, and is safe to carry thus given the heavy double action style trigger pull.  My best comparison was to the tiny Ruger LCP which lives it's life in a vest pocket of mine.  Either pistol seemed to fit perfectly in the little pocket, and which I carried was just another choice.  7 rounds of .380 in a fairly reliable package, or two rounds of thundering .45 acp in roughly the same space, in an even more reliable package.

Double barrel shotgun versus pump shotgun....

On the subject of shooting the Doubletap.... well..... it's not a plinker.  In fact, it's not a pistol I would consider the least bit of fun to shoot.  Touching off a 230 grain .45acp load from a 13 ounce pistol designed to vanish in a back pocket..... it's an impressive moment.  The best way I can think to describe it is this;   Open your hand, and smack it right across the palm with a big stick.... HARD..... now do it again.  That is what shooting the Doubletap is like.

At the range, offered a chance to try the little beast for themselves, big strong men declined... it's THAT kind of pistol to shoot.

It's not a toy, it's not a fun-gun, and it's not for the weak.  It's two rounds of serious defensive power right now, and no games at all.  

The porting helps keep the pistol on target, and the second round is there just as quick as you can squeeze it off.  The sights work, and it's possible to shoot with reasonable accuracy, but lets face it... this is a pistol designed for last ditch "Get the hell off me" distance.  

It can be fired from a pocket or purse, probably better than just about any other firearm I can think of.  It's small.  It's almost stupidly light weight for it's power. It has no external safeties, levers, gadgets, or gee-gaws.  Grab it, squeeze: BANG. Squeeze again: BANG.

It's a back up weapon.  A hold out gun.  The pistol that lives in your coat or console, which you almost forget about.

This little beastie comes in both .45acp and 9mm, and the shooter can switch back and forth with nothing but a barrel kit. Push out a fat pin, swap the barrel set, push the big pin back in. Done.  The 9mm version is actually slightly heavier as the barrel walls are thicker. Which caliber to choose?  I suppose whichever your main carry pistol is.... I would not sneer at either round.

Is it going to change the self defense market?  I don't think there is any chance of that.  

Will it fill a niche in some peoples defensive plan?   Probably. 

 Is it a very small, very light, very powerful, and very no nonsense weapon?  Oh hell yes.


drjim said...

Oh, my wrist!

Still, as you say, it could definitely be a life saver at what one of my instructors calls "Bad Breath Distance".

Sigivald said...

The best way I can think to describe it is this; Open your hand, and smack it right across the palm with a big stick.... HARD..... now do it again. That is what shooting the Doubletap is like.

So, kinda like a snub-nosed .44 with small grips?

Been there, done that, never want to do it again.

Carteach said...

Strangely, it's NOT the wrist that takes the hit here. It's the pad beneath the thumb, right in the meaty part of the hand.

The recoil does not twist up, like a revolver. With it's bore axis low in the the hand, and the porting, the pistol just shoves straight back.


It rocked my body back, but follow up shots were no problem at all. It didn't even begin to break a two handed grip. Muzzle rise was less than my LCP.

drjim said...

Ahhhh...the only small pistol I ever fired was an "Airweight" revolver in 357 Magnum.

Fired it twice, and that was enough for me!

dustydog said...

I saw the Double Tap advertised in the NRA magazine. The ad said, "actual size shown", with the dimensions printed. I thought, that can't be right, and pulled out a ruler. Sure enough, they had undersized the photo by a good half inch.

If their quality control in a print ad is poor, I presume their quality control is generally poor.

Carteach said...

Dusty, do you mean the NRA quality control, since they formatted and printed the ad?

Anonymous said...

Did you try it with the Liberty ammo?

Carteach said...

Not with the Liberty. That ammo is +p rated, and the pistol is not.

Windy Wilson said...

Nothing says "I feared for my life" like 230 gr .45ACP out of a 13 oz pistol.

And I want one as soon as those commies in Sacramento put it on the list of Pistols Approved for Peons.