Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow day AR assembly

Today came together nicely.   I made it home as the snow is piling up, but with just enough safe travel time for the nice post office lady to drop off my missing components.

All RRA lower receiver, guts, and stock.  Spikes midlength upper and bolt assembly.  A dual point stock plate, and an Eotech 512 holographic sight.

When I find what I like, a folding BUIS will find a home on the rail as well.

The final assembly completed, the weapon passed a function check with flying colors.  Naturally, it seemed a moral imperative to unload a 20 round mag from the back deck.... snow storm and all.

My first full AR build..... and certainly not my last.


Murphy's Law said...

Looks like a peach. Nice job.

Carteach said...


Anonymous said...

Can you enlighten me on costs, sources, procedures, considerations and problems. Any thing you think a newbie should know. I've never done anything like this and my coin purse is kind of small, but I can plan for the future.
ignore amos

Carteach said...

As far as costs goes, the savings is not spectacular. In fact, one can buy a fair entry level AR for about what the pile of parts costs. The forward assist would be missing though.

There are a great number of resources out there on building AR platforms. Brownells has a series of free videos (and everything you could possibly need to do the job), AR15.COM has material, and Amazon.com will cough up a dozen books on the subject.